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Sometimes we use it to call in the assistance of the angels, or a specific angel or Archangel. We use angel visualisations as well, to help heal, clear or create new energy. The word ‘angel’ has a high vibrational energy, and speaking about angels, thinking about them, reading about them etc. often has the effect of raising a person’s energy vibration. Angel EFT appeals to those who love both angels and energy work, and who naturally want to connect to the angelic realms.

There are many different ways we can call upon angels to help us out in our lives or to help others. The techniques I describe are just some of the ways you can bring the angels into your Angel EFT practise.

Different Angel EFT Techniques in a nutshell

I describe nine main techniques both in my book and in the workshops I teach that you can use in Angel EFT which can be successfully combined as needed. These have changed slightly since the new points have been introduced. They are as follows:

Visualising with the angels prior to a round

Complete a visualisation with the angels, it could be twenty minutes or more or even just a few moments. An example might be cord cutting with Archangel Michael… Did you know newsletter subscribers receive a free audio download of the above visualisation by clicking here Tap after the visualisation using what came up for you in the visualisation, but whilst also keeping focused on you original issue or area of interest.

Visualising with the Angels after a round

After tapping we are naturally more open to our angels, our energy is lighter and we are easy to connect with. Close your eyes and imagine the angel or angels you want to work with surrounding you. Be open to their guidance. This also helps to anchor the new concept or energy.

The Name of an Angel

You can call in an angel or Archangel, or connect with their energy while you go around the points by using the name of the angel. Simply hold the points and say the name of the angel you wish to connect with. This is a great round on its own but you can also go on to other rounds on what it is you want the angel to assist you with. For example, you might say ‘Archangel Michael,’ and then ‘courage.’

Here are some other examples:

  • Archangel Michael
  • Archangel Raphael
  • Archangel Gabriel
  • Archangel Haniel
  • Archangel Uriel (for a more extensive list of the Archangels and what they may be helpful with see page…)
  • Angels of nature
  • Angels of travel
  • Angels for parenting
  • Angels for abundance
  • Angels of love
  • Angels for a beautiful home
  • Shopping angels (seriously, I use these all the time and find what I want quickly getting the best bargains!)
  • Angels for world peace
  • Angels of the violet flame
  • Creativity angels
  • Presentation angels
  • Angels for calm
  • Angels of colour
  • Angels for Fibromyalgia
  • Angels for a healthy relationship
  • Angels for good communication

For a list of Archangels see ‘free printables’ tab on the Angel EFT section

Address the Angels

When we talk about angels in a positive way we are raising our frequency and this is no exception while we are going around the angel EFT contact points. Make your own dialogue with the angels according to what you are hoping to release or bring in, hold the different points while you talk.

Visualise the angels holding the points with you

For those who are used to visualising, why not visualise that as you tap the angels are tapping on you as well? Imagine each tapping point lighting up as the angels work on you as well. I used to feel the angels were doing this anyway which was a major factor on my inspiration for Angel EFT. EFT makes you more accessible to the angels, so it makes sense that they can tap along with you too.

Ask the angels for super charged golden healing hands before you begin your round

Look down at your hands and raise them up, palms up as far as is comfortable. Ask the angels out loud or in your mind to bless your hands with the colour gold, or another colour if you prefer but gold is the colour of the angelic realm. Bring your hands back down in front of you and spend a few moments before tapping just receiving this light. See your hands in your mind’s eye glowing with light; you may be aware of them tingling. Everybody has healing hands, asking the angels to bless them with gold light gives them an extra boost.

Angel prayer

Hold the points using prayer. If you use your own angel prayers or more traditional prayers they both work very compatibly with Angel EFT.

Using Angel Cards with Angel EFT

Angel cards are a useful way to connect with the angels, and can be combined with using Angel EFT. Choose a deck that resonates with you. There are lots out there and many are available as apps on the phone or tablet as well as a physical card deck.

Have a question in mind, something in your life that you would like guidance for perhaps. If you don’t have anything specific you can simply ask ‘angels, what would you like me to know today?’ Hold the deck of cards in your hands, clear them by tapping on them three times, and ask your question. Hold the cards to your heart centre and breathe a few breaths as you focus on your question. Pull a card and try to get out of your left brain of logic and reasoning, use your right brain of intuition which is the part we use for picking up angel messages. If the card has an image on, focus on the image instead of the words for a few moments, because when we focus on the words we are using the left brain. Close your eyes then and tune in and see what comes up for you.

If the card is meaningful you can then do a round of Angel EFT to enhance the message of the card or to connect in with the wisdom.

Crystal Angel Round

Sometimes I use a crystal for Angel EFT. If you have never used crystal before it’s worth reading up a bit to see which one might suit you, or else just browse in a shop and see which one ‘speaks’ to you. Crystals have an energy of their own and work well with angel work.

I like using polished gemstones and holding the crystal on the points. Remember to cleanse your crystals if you are using them. They like to be outside in the moonlight on the grass if possible, although there are many other ways to cleanse them.

There are books all about crystals and what their healing properties are. I have seen differences in different books as to what you should use them for and so for me although I like to look up what they are for I also like to choose them intuitively. For example, if a rose quartz is meant for the heart chakra but I feel guided to use it for the throat, I will follow my guidance and use it for the throat.