What is an Angel, and How Do They Give?

What is an Angel, and How Do They Give?

Guest Blog by Stephan Davies

Stephan Davies is a channel of angels and divine beings. He runs the website The Divine Connection and regularly channels for clients from all over the world. He also runs a blog regularly updated on all matters spiritual. Stephan’s passion is bringing through messages from above that uplift, empower and bless others.

“Hello everybody this is the Archangel Michael. Now we’re going to talk today about what an angel is and how angels give or how angels bless. Let’s talk first about angelic power. Angels have a special gift, which is they can manifest things on behalf of others. Basically, angels know how to create outcomes or situations or transform people. Angels can do all of these things…

What is an Angel?

So, let’s talk now about what an angel is. An angel is a kind of being who is given a specific mission. The essence of angel is a being who is specially designed to bring a certain power to bear. The angels are beings of light designed to help other beings; that’s their mission. They are assigned to help all forms of life and angels help people; animals and even other beings that exist in other realities. Angels are especially powerful at helping.

To help understand about angels, we ask who creates angels? Now many of you would say God is the creator of the angels. Yes, that’s absolutely true. In the beginning of this realm and in the beginning of a certain realm there was a need for protection, a need for guidance and there was a need for manifestation. So, at this time God created millions of angels. Millions of angels were created and the angels just were, they just are, they just exist.

The Riddle

When an angel begins to exist, then they’ve always existed. There was never a moment when they didn’t exist. It’s kind of an oxymoron, it’s like a riddle. Yes, they were created, yet they’ve always existed, the two things are both true even though they don’t make sense when you look at it from a logical perspective.

So, the angelic realm is the realm of pure hearted energy. The energies of the angels are pure, and their mission and existence is just to help others. That’s the reason they exist.

Angels help us through changing our energy and manifesting in our world. Angels are the existence of pure love, that’s what an angel is, pure love.

How Angels Give

Now what an angel does is this – when someone asks them for assistance, whether it’s physical, romantic, money related, or whatever someone needs help with, the angel first looks into the person’s energy field. The angel understands why this situation is manifesting and when they understand the person’s energy then they know what the cause is. The angel looks at the cause and knows what the outcome needs to be for the situation to change.

Physical and Energetic Healing

So, what an angel works on two things – it works first of all on the person’s energy field, because the outer world reflects the inner world. So, the angel heals the person’s energy. An example of this could be if your love life keeps failing, if you keep getting the outcome that you don’t want, you can’t find a happy relationship and every relationship you have ends in disaster. In this case, the angel looks at the person and sees that internally they have a part of their mind which is drawing the circumstances to them. Now, this could be karma or it could be something in the chakras. Although chakras are very closely related to karma. So the angel would send healing to the person, very temporary healing, so the person could feel a little bit better, that would be the first thing.

Now the second thing the angel will do is start to work on the person’s energy system and this can be done even without the person realising it’s happening. Generally, it will happen throughout the day and especially deeply during the night. So, the angel will start to work on this person and it could be that their heart chakra is not functioning properly and that could be the cause of this situation. So, the angel will start to work on this person, and will start to make them feel more open-hearted.

That’s a basic understanding of how angels work, they work in two ways – physically and energetically.

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