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I was asked recently to do a video on motivation to lose weight, and so I thought about it for a few days. I was guided by Master Rakoczy to work with him on this topic during a meditation on one of Diana Cooper’s Facebook lives. This meditation came from her book ‘Birthing a New Civilization.

According to Diana, Master Rakoczy works on the ray of clarity, mysticism and healing. Also an incarnation of St Germain, one of his roles is to help adapt the human body for the higher energies that are coming in now.

He will assist us in taking excellent care of the body. Many people would like to lose weight as they feel heavy and lacking in energy. The foods that are marketed to us are often not healthy or high vibrational. Instead, full of sugar or fat. Eating them puts on too much weight. We are meant to eat light, nourishing foods with fewer carbohydrates and fats. Many lightworkers overeat in order to comfort themselves and cope with the challenges they are faced with. There is help for this, you just need to ask.

When I worked with Master Rakoczy I saw the most beautiful pastel colours which I brought into my aura to assist with this work. I was guided to create this video with a meditation, and also a powerful huna prayer, see below.

Huna Prayer for Weight Loss

Light a candle and create a sacred space for your prayer. For best results repeat daily for 30 days.

Dear Master Rakoczy and Highest Source Love,

I, [say your full name] humbly ask and pray from the centre of my being for your divine guidance and inspiration to co-create a healthy body.

I fully release now any limiting beliefs and fear and open myself to immediate inspiration to eat healthy, high vibrational foods and to exercise in a way that benefits my body perfectly. I release cravings for unhealthy or excess food now and ask your wise and loving counsel in maintaining this.

In the name of Beloved Source, I fully open myself to my Limitless Power of Manifestation in having a healthy, happy physical body to assist me to serve on my Source Mission.

I open myself to high-vibrational, happy images and thoughts about myself at a healthy body weight that lovingly imprints on my being.

Thank you.


My beloved subconscious mind, I hereby ask and lovingly command that you take this thought form prayer to Highest Source, along with my fully activated Power of Manifestation.


Breathe this prayer to Master Rakoczy and Highest Source for fifteen seconds.

Highest Source, Love and Light, I now receive my Blessings!


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