The Angels Help Us to Have a Positive Outlook

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  Research shows that having a positive outlook can help us to flourish in all areas of our life. When we are feeling positive, we see solutions rather than obstacles, possibilities rather than hopelessness. So how can the angels help us with this? The angels want us all to fulfil our lives blueprint, to reach […]

Healthy Eating for Lightworkers

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Are you a Lightworker? If so, do you find yourself increasingly sensitive to certain foods? Many Lightworkers are not only drawn to pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan diets but are finding themselves increasingly intolerant of other foods. Gluten, lactose and pesticides to name but a few. Why is this? The Vibration of What We Eat Our […]

Lightworker, are boundaries your downfall?

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Do you have trouble saying no? Do you find it hard to stand up for yourself if someone is out of order? Exhausting isn’t it? I want to talk about boundaries that make sense to lightworkers specifically and a way to help with this. Most Lightworkers are sensitive souls who care deeply and generously for others. […]

Do You Lower Your Vibration to Fit In?

Lightworker blog series #2 by Susan Browne Hello, Lightworker! ‘Who, me?’ YES! Do You Lower Your Vibration to Fit In? Pardon the intro but I wrote this blog to appeal to lightworkers and if the title struck a chord with you then I suspect that you are one. Did you see the first blog about called ‘Lightworkers […]