Use Your Magic with Merlin

Use Your Magic with Merlin

Who is Merlin?

Merlin has a rich history and appears across centuries, in various forms but primarily associated with magic and profound wisdom. He is known as many things: Dragon Master, Mage of great power, shapeshifter, advisor to King Arthur and also an aspect of St Germain to name a few. He was believed to have been a real person as well as a wizard and otherwise. Legend tells us that Merlin moved the great stones that make Stonehenge from Ireland to Salsbury. Myrddin is the Celtic name for Merlin. 

When I talk about magic, I’m referring to divine flow, manifestation and alchemy – the ability to transform things for the good. Are you able to ask for something that you would like in your life, and be willing to receive it? It sounds like such a simple thing, and yet for so many, it hasn’t been easy. Are you able to transform your lower frequency thoughts and heavy emotions when you need to? Would you like to be an attractor of wonderful opportunities and experiences? 

Merlin is an alchemist and can help us to transform mood, energy states, and physical states if we are so willing. He works on a high vibration and is not involved in any sort of sorcery or lower frequency practises. Merlin has a huge heart and will help you if you are committed to service and work for the light. 

Image by 10727361 from Pixabay

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Discipline of the Mind

Merlin teaches us that to use our magic, we must cultivate discipline of the mind. Think Mister Miyagi – wax on, wax off. Checking smartphones all day can make our minds unruly and scattered. When we regulate the mind, life comes into balance and we can achieve what we set out to. 


  1. If the phone/device is interfering with your discipline of the mind, decide what times of the day you think is reasonable to check it and stick to these times. 
  2. Meditate twice daily for up to twenty minutes (or as much as you can manage). If this seems unthinkable start small and build up if and when you can. Mindfulness exercises, such as mindfulness of the breath are good practises for Merlin work. Also, the golden thread breath – a yogic meditative breath often used to manage pain but lovely any time. 

Many of us are used to checking messages and emails so many times a day we have no idea and might be shocked if we knew the actual amount. According to Mel Robbins, 33% of people check their emails in the middle of the night! Mel tells us, if you check emails and messages before you even get up, you are letting other people’s priorities get in your way. Leave this until later in the day so you can get the things done that matter to you. 

I like to focus on my intention at the start of the day, and sometimes the evening before. Ask yourself, what’s important to me today? Write down what comes up. 

Oneness Consciousness

To work with Merlin, learn to drop ideas of separation. Of us and them. Know that we are all one. Competitiveness and one-upmanship will slow you down. These are normal in the third-dimensional human unawakened state. But you want more than this, so challenge those thoughts to help yourself to return to oneness. Merlin will help you with this if you ask him. 


If there is someone you feel lower frequency emotions around, imagine seeing them as a tiny baby. Then as a really frail old person at the end of their life. I read that somewhere, unfortunately, I can’t remember where so I can’t credit them but thank you!

Also, imagine them standing right in front of you as they are now. What might you say to them? Often, what we think about people we struggle with when they are not there in front of us is more fear-based than what we think when they are there with us. It is as though when they are there, in spite of the struggle, we can connect with their divinity. 

Having an Open Heart

Merlin is a very loving and wise being. His magic flows with ease not just because he is wise but because he has an open heart. If you have heart chakra work to do, I recommend this to improve your practice with Merlin. 


  • Place your hands over your heart, close your eyes and connect with your heart. Without judgement, notice how the heart feels now. What is it saying? Think of someone you love dearly, it can be a person or animal, or a place or tree for example. Imagine sending them love and see the heart connection growing. 
  • See also my Angel EFT video for the heart chakra
  • Carrying or connecting with a rose quartz crystal can help to heal and open the heart chakra. 

Image by Hans-August Beer from Pixabay 

Merlin as St Germain

In his incarnation in the eighteenth century as ascended master St Germain, Merlin lived as an alchemist, musician, composer and a Count and spiritual master of ancient wisdom. St Germain brought back the Violet Flame of Transformation for us to work with in the Harmonic Convergence. This is a profoundly powerful energy that helps us to clear and transform lower energies and situations.  


  • Think about how you might live your life if you were an alchemist. What might you like to transform today? 
  • Read more about how to work with the Violet Flame here

The Magic of Nature

Merlin spent a lot of time in nature. In fact, in one of his incarnations, he is said to have lived as the iconic madman in nature like a wild animal. In this same life, he came to live with people again and healed his mind through shamanic practices and a rebirthing process happened for him. He used this knowledge and wisdom to help others.

All the answers we seek are in nature. From the medicine we need, the foods that will ‘cure’ our ailments, and the secrets to helping our beloved planet to heal as well. 


Take a walk in nature. Ask Merlin to walk with you. Try to imagine that you see things through his eyes. What do you see? Ask a question and see if the answer comes to you. 

My Connection with Merlin

I feel the energy of Merlin very strongly in Glastonbury, England. And one day, when I was visiting, Merlin told me that part of my desire to visit Glastonbury regularly is because of this connection. You will see in the image of Merlin above, Glastonbury Tor in the background. 

That same visit, when I was leaving, I drove past Stonehenge. It was a complete surprise and I’d never seen it before. The traffic slowed to a stop and I got to see it from my car. My heart was overflowing with joy and I felt sure Merlin had somehow arranged it that I drive that way. 


What draws you to Merlin? Write about it. 

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