Unicorns and Lemuria

What are Unicorns?

Unicorns are traditionally regarded as mythical creatures and feature in many children’s’ stories and films. From a spiritual perspective, we know that they are of the angelic realm. They are seventh to ninth dimensional horses who are leading us to enlightenment. They radiate pure white light from their third eye chakras which spiral and appears as a white horn. Unicorns are coming in now to help us on Earth to bring in the new energies of the golden age. It’s no coincidence that we are seeing more and more unicorns on clothing, in shops. Human consciousness is changing!

They are also fun and light, which is why children love them. The unicorns urge us to lighten up and have more fun, as well as to take good care of the planet.

My Unicorn Experience

In 2009 I got entirely lost in a meditation whereby I met my unicorn. This was in a very special place near Dublin, Ireland, and the meditation was guided by world-famous spiritual author Diana Cooper. I remember the feeling of light and pure bliss. Like nothing I had ever experienced.

In 2018 I travelled to Spain to train to become a Unicorn teacher with the Diana Cooper School of White Light with Penny Wing which really deepened and strengthened my connection, as well as being a lot of fun. The unicorns are different from the angels, but to me their energy is similar in many ways. I like to think of them as angel horses. And wise spiritual helpers.

Lemurian Planetary Healing

Some years after 2009 I trained to become a Lemurian Planetary Healing teacher with Diana Cooper. I noticed a lot of changes after doing this training and it deeply increased my vibrational frequency. I saw the world differently than before. It is as though there is universal wisdom everywhere if we would only notice it. The clouds, and the shapes they make, in nature, the patterns and sounds and colours. We are truly blessed to live on this earth and the Lemurian healing connection made me really experience this in a way I never had before. In this lifetime anyhow!

Lemuria was a golden age before Atlantis, and the Lemurians had a great desire to heal the planet and had the ability to do this. They had a love of nature and cared for animals and plants. They were powerful healers and drew light from the four ascension planets, stars and constellations: Neptune; Orion; Sirius and the Pleiades.

The Lemurians were able to draw down Source Light through the Cosmic Heart and project it into the earth. This crystallised and formed the Lemurian Quartz. Many people have Lemurian Quartz but it is important that much of it stays within the Earth. If the demand for them is high, more will be mined and taken from the planet. The wonderful thing is, we don’t need to have a physical crystal to work with them. You can work with the Lemurian Quartz etherically, without having a physical one.

Lemuria and the Unicorns

You may have been in Lemuria if you have a deep affinity for nature, love being outdoors, and if you feel excited by the Lemurian crystals and the unicorns.

When we connect to the Lemurians we also invoke the unicorn energy, as it is the right frequency for this important work. In order to connect with the Lemurian energy, we need to raise our vibration to the fifth dimension. As humans on earth now we operate from third to the fifth dimension, and many of us move between the three. The third is fear-based and we are closed. Fourth is waking up, starting to be aware of spiritual truths. The fifth is when we really blossom and our frequency attracts great things in our lives and we are pure in thought.

If you would like to attend a Lemurian workshop, click here to see when I am running the next one, or visit the Diana Cooper School of White Light to see who else is running a course. The healing must be done in groups of two or more. I ‘meet’ regularly via Zoom with other healers around the world who want to practise Lemurian Healing.

A short meditation to help you connect with your unicorn and the Lemurian crystals:

  • Light a candle if possible and set your intention to connect with your unicorn and the Lemurian crystals for the highest good.
  • Sit comfortably, have bare feet or flat shoes and connect with the earth below your feet.
  • Calm your breathing, place your hand on your abdomen to do so if this helps.
  • Now, imagine a white light in your abdomen growing and expanding outward in every direction. Allow it to touch your heart and expand it. To travel down to the soles of your feet and below them. Connecting with the leylines of the planet and the grid of light. To travel upwards through your third eye and crown chakra and upwards to the heavens, connecting with your Monad or soul group and the angels and guides working with you.
  • Notice that your aura, the electromagnetic energy surrounding you has now expanded and is filled with silver-white and golden light.
  • Invite your unicorn to appear before you in your mind’s eye. Get a sense of what your unicorn is like.
  • Ask your unicorn to bring you on a sacred journey, to a place meaningful to you. It may be somewhere you know, or an imaginary, beautiful place in nature.
  • Your unicorn touches you with their spiralling horn of light, first at the heart, and then the third eye. Breathe in and accept this light and any insights it brings.
  • Now your unicorn gives you a gift of a Lemurian crystal. Accept it and know that this ethereal crystal is with you and can help you with your spiritual growth and healing.
  • Ask your unicorn and/or the crystal anything you want guidance with and know that the answer is coming even if you don’t understand right away.
  • Spend some time here, returning to where you started whenever you are ready or when the energy tells you it is time to come back.
  • Connect with Mother Earth below your feet to fully ground yourself, and ask your angels to bring your aura closer to the body to a level that is comfortable for you.
  • Try to walk barefoot in nature afterwards. Drink lots of water. Ask for the energy of hematite crystal for your grounding.

The Audio Recording of this Meditation


If you enjoyed this meditation please feel free to share, and leave a comment below. Brightest Lemurian blessings, Susan.



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