Unicorn Energy Mastery


Apologies, this workshop has been cancelled.

Connect with the loving and magical energy of the unicorns. Get to know your own unicorn and how to work with them.

Enjoy a nurturing and exciting day of guided visualisation, fun and uplifting exercises to learn to work with the unicorns to bring more magic into your life.

The unicorns are high energy beings, like angels and ascended masters, their vibrations being much faster than the speed of light or sound, which is why we don’t normally see them. At this time, many of us in a human incarnation are opening up to spiritual help and are having more and more experiences of the loving input of spirit.

The unicorns want to work with us and help us to raise our vibration in order to help the planet and beyond. Their energy is that of pure light, and fun! They have spiralling horns of light coming from their third eye centre with which they release pure spiritual energy.

It’s no coincidence that we are seeing more and more unicorns in shops and on children (and adults) bookshelves. The unicorns are making their presence felt. They are entering into our human consciousness in a big way.

This is a workshop for adults who would love to connect with the unicorns and also focus on how to bring this special energy and support into daily life to raise your light on all levels.
The unicorns can help us with goals and manifesting. After lunch, we will be looking at how to manifest with the help of the unicorns. What do you wish to bring into your life now?

If you love working with the angels you will love working with the unicorns also. Their energy is different but hugely uplifting and inspiring.

Investment: €85 

Deposit of €30 required to book this course. Balance of €55 payable at registration on the morning at 10:15 am.