The Story of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle

How I met Leanne and Michiel

In this guest blog, I want to introduce you to Michiel Kroon, channel, writer and physicist, and Leanne Carpenter, psychologist and visionary artist. Co-creators of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle. I had a synchronistic morning a few weeks ago when I was passing through the town of Glastonbury. I sat outside and enjoyed my coffee in the sun, and across the way from me, a couple stood at a table with beautiful images on it. I wandered over to talk to them and was amazed to see that they were selling The Lemurian Starchild Oracle. This made me smile, as I had just been talking in an email about Lemurian healing, and was asked that morning if I would help put together Lemurian Planetary Healing Day for the Diana Cooper School of White Light on the 5th of October, 2019.

Of course, I fell in love with the cards and bought a deck. On opening them up, there in magical Glastonbury, I connected with each one. Delighted at how they resonated so perfectly with me. How they spoke to me. I have been using them since then and met Michiel and Leanne in Glastonbury again since. Images below of Glastonbury Tor, Michiel, me Susan and Leanne in the Chalice Well Gardens and the other two photos were taken on the Tor at sunrise and in the gardens.


Leanne and Michiel very kindly agreed to share their story:

About Lemuria

Welcome dear ones to Lemuria. Step into a magical world that your heart remembers. Simpler, kinder, and yet far, far more sparkling than any reality you have been taught to recognise before. A reality that exists right now. Which joyfully invites you to dance, that you embrace and feel in your chest, as it loves you unreservedly. This is beautiful Lemuria, it is Unity Consciousness. This is All Life greeting your emergence as you step outside of linear thinking. As you remember your multidimensionality.

Lemuria, its landscape, people and way of living, is said to have existed in the Pacific Ocean 200,000 to 50,000 years ago. A peaceful, spiritual heart-based civilisation. It is a familiar home to your light-filled feet, resonating as it does with the celestial realms that we are all from. Your Consciousness may have even been amongst the light collective which brought Heaven into a physical form then, and who spoke the language of light in Eden. As timelines converge now, and the Great Awakening happens on Earth, Michiel and I realise we are taking part in the reactivation of Lemuria as a template for the return of Heaven on Earth.

As you begin to recognise your own Divinity and remember your true nature as Love, Christ Consciousness returns. As this happens you can become aware of the support of your Family of Light. Their loving guidance reminds you that the expanded consciousness of Oneness is your and the Earth’s natural state. You were not created to suffer and live in darkness and separation, but to enjoy great peace, connection, joy and creativity. At this time of great change, the Light and Love of Lemuria with its gentleness and clarity can refresh your spirits and bring you rest, peace and wholeness.

The Lemurian Starchild Oracle

As we co-created the Lemurian Starchild Oracle over the past three years, we went through deep healing and were initiated into great surrender and trust, yes, having clear guidance but often with only one step at a time, without any idea what would happen next. We were taken deep within ourselves to heal and purify from wounds, misidentifications and defences, to find our ever-present Love, Truth and Freedom.

The light within the Lemurian Starchild Oracle gently shows you these wounds of humanity that are now rising to the surface for healing, as well as your creative and expansive energy. All are naturally attracted to the Lemurian playground of abundance and ecstasy, although many might also shy away from the vulnerability of being truly themselves. The Oracle Cards can be a tool to let go of the doubt and fear and to navigate healing and moving into co-creating with joy, into the New Paradigm. They are an invitation to find the Divine Blueprint within your own Heart so that it can shine exponentially out into the world.

Remember Your Deepest Truth

Through the cards, Star Light Family in the Inner Earth, Elemental Beings from Source, Angelic and Elven Ones and our own Source levels, are communicating with their loving presence the principle of wholeness, the truest meaning of healing. They come in ceremony, in forms that the human aspect can relate to, giving weight to the messages of the New Earth that now abound. Through resonance, they bring a remembrance of your deepest truth, which can awaken you profoundly to a liberating new perspective on everything.

Enjoying this new perspective can shift enormous amounts of old misaligned energy by itself, quite painlessly, as ‘a-ha’ moments and realisations stack up quickly as if downloading an e-book. Depending on the amount of preparation our energetic bodies have had, this can be a seamless operation, with an ease of integration at every level, mental, emotional or physical, or it may bring a healing crisis of enhanced light on areas of distortion within the energy field. Confusion and anxiety about the meaning of the experiences is quite common, so the deck has arrived to be a wise friend and reassuring guide along the awakening path.

Whether seamless or bumpy, integrating awakening into the fabric of lives, relationships, occupations and daily activities can be quite a journey! We made the Lemurian Starchild Oracle on the guidance of our higher selves (who remain conscious of their Oneness with Source), especially to support ourselves and our brothers and sisters through this Great Shift into the New Paradigm.

Our Journey

We want to encourage everyone to stick with their spiritual practices and inner healing. Helpful practices are always light, unforced, and respect your Sovereignty. We believe this Divine co-creation was made possible through our own dedicated spiritual, healing and devotional paths. Both of us had spiritual awakenings in our late teens and began meditating, healing and clearing our energy fields as a result. Our paths, which led me to become a clinical psychologist and Michiel to become a physicist along the way, resulted in us both developing a depth of insight and awareness. This occasioned a series of ‘synchronistic’ meetings resulting in a powerful connection. This coincided with the amazing possibility of travelling together to sacred sites around Europe in a camper van, where the joint messages and art quickly began to emerge. Many aspects of this process led us to believe we had started to channel and create them together before we had even met in the physical plane! Maybe we can expand on this in another article!


Our beautiful deck is full of Source messages of Love and profound insight which bring you back into your Heart and Truth as you navigate the processes of Ascension. With its 88 visionary and magical oracle cards and touching messages, a variety of card layouts, and healing and meditation exercises throughout the 340-page book, Michiel and I feel so proud and happy to have seen it birth in late June this year, after working on it for nearly three years. We have been overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback it has been getting.

Welcome, Lemurian Starchild

Truly everyone is invited to the New Earth, to Eden, to Heaven on Earth. Just by being created you were given a special invitation. Lemurian Starchild, it is time to release your burdens, and to open yourself now, to your Divine Potentials, to the loving compass in your Heart and to your life of happiness, connection and joyful expression.

So.. come, step into that magical world that your heart remembers. It truly is simpler, kinder, and yet far, far more sparkling than any reality you have been taught to recognise before. It is here right now, and it is joyfully inviting you to dance and embrace. This is Lemuria, civilisation of the Heart. It is Unity Consciousness. This is All Life greeting your emergence as you step outside of linear thinking, as you remember your multidimensionality. Welcome Home!


Lemurian Planetary Healing Day

Our thanks go to Susan Browne for inviting us to write this article for her blog. We will be joining the Lemurian Planetary Healing Facebook Live workshop she is presenting on October 5th.

Get in Touch

We hope that you have found this article inspiring and uplifting! If you would like to get in touch or learn more about us or the Lemurian Starchild Oracle please visit our website where you can also browse artwork or buy the deck. It costs £33 plus p&p and is also available on Amazon.

Special Offer

We have a special offer at the moment, which is the Oracle deck plus two Audio Meditations and two downloadable Art PDFs called the Blessings Pack, which is usually £51 but is £33 until the 31st October 2019, if you use the code LSBLESSINGS at the checkout. Click the image or the button below to get the offer.


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