The Stellar Gateway Chakra and Abundance

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The Stellar Gateway chakra is associated with the colour gold, is overlit by Archangel Metatron and Archangel Serephina and is connected with the Monad – your original divine spark and your soul essence and beloved I AM Presence.

It is the uppermost of the twelve, fifth-dimensional chakras and resides 1-2 feet above your head. If you are ready to work with these higher frequency chakras you can access a much higher frequency light which will assist you in fulfilling your potential here in this body now.

Think of how your life looks when you can see things from a higher perspective.. not getting all caught up in 3rd-dimensional fear and drama – knowing that you are always connected to the greater I Am, to Source. True abundance is knowing that we already have everything that we need, that we already are abundant, not striving towards it. That is the opposite. Like tomorrow, it never comes. Knowing that we are already that, changes everything and the small things that we were giving so much power to disappear.

Have you ever had that experience when you were suddenly able to see a much higher perspective on something, and the difference in how you felt? Could you imagine that you could see your life through the eyes of angels, what would they say about things?

Access your highest wisdom when you activate the Stellar Gateway chakra, and especially when you work with all of the twelve fifth dimensional chakras as taught by Diana Cooper, and see what changes in your life.

Join me in the video where I show you an Angel EFT round to activate the Stellar Gateway chakra and tune into the flow of abundance with the help of Archangel Metatron and Archangel Serephina.

Or use the prayer:

Dear Archangel Metatron and Archangel Serephina,

Please guide me in accessing my highest light today. Please activate or simply bless my Stellar Gateway chakra now, so that I may tune in to my mighty I Am Presence and feel the divine love that is there for me and everyone.

I choose to know that I am already abundant and I know that by acknowledging this I feel even more abundant and enjoy my life more. I am open to the abundance of spiritual help and assistance and I am surrounded by loving helpers at all times.

When I allow myself to access my highest wisdom, in line with the activation of my stellar gateway chakra I am able to serve others by bringing in more light to all areas of my life and those with which I come into contact.

Thank you for guiding me today in accessing this wisdom and light. I am truly grateful for all the blessings in my life and I open my heart with ease and grace.

It is Done.

Please comment below if you found this blog helpful. In Love and Light, Susan


About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goalsShe provides 1:1 sessions in person and via Skype. She is the author of ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ available from the Book Depository free worldwide delivery.

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