The Rainbow Fire of Source

The Rainbow Fire of Source – Get Ready for Magnificence

It’s almost the end of November 2020, when I’m writing this, and I’m so excited to tell you about it. In the past two months, I have been working with a new energy called The Rainbow Fire of Source, and it’s bringing so many positive transformations, I can hardly believe some of them. In this blog, I will share what it is, what it does and how to work with it.

“Dragons are wise beings of the angelic realms. They are on different wavelengths from angels but they work together for the highest good…If one becomes your companion, it supports you and the bond is unbreakable.”

Diana Cooper, author of ‘Dragons, Your Celestial Guardians.’

Dragon Training

In September, the Diana Cooper School of White Light held a dragon zoom which I attended. During the visualisation, I met my own dragon guide, who is a rainbow dragon. He told me – right in the middle of one of the lovely meditations – to email the teacher in question immediately to express my interest in dragon training. Not to wait but to do it right now. So I did, and I have just completed my training as a Dragon Teacher. The training lasted six weeks, and at the end of it, I can honestly say I only can’t wait to share with people the power of the loving dragons and the changes you can make in your life.

The training also deepened my connection with my rainbow dragon and the Rainbow Fire of Source which he had shown me back in September. He urged me to talk about it in my workshop, Shine Your Light. I was a bit shy to talk about dragons back then, don’t ask me why, but the dragons had other ideas. A dragon exercise found its way into that workshop without my having planned it, and also, separately, a Rainbow Fire of Source chakra meditation. I was told in no uncertain terms that the Rainbow Fire of Source is not mine to keep for myself but to share far and wide. It’s helping us to move into the new Golden Age.

In fact, on our sixth and final lesson, which included an extraordinary graduation ceremony, I was guided to have my new dragon workshop set up and ready to press publish within the session, which I did. This workshop is about the rainbow dragons and the Rainbow Fire of Source, which they carry, and which can make astonishing changes in your life in ways you never thought possible.

The Rainbow Dragons

The rainbow dragons are wise, loving beings full of magic, and they work with Dragon Master, Merlin. The rainbow dragons carry the Rainbow Fire of Source and will bring it into your life if you call it, and anchor it into your energy fields.

I perceive the Rainbow Fire of Source to look rather like the way I see rainbows. It is soft, almost translucent at times, but very powerful. With it, there is a vibration that carries joy, miracles and wonder.

Work with the Rainbow Fire of Source to help with anything that is for the highest good:

  • Transmute lower energies into pure divine light.
  • Bring a sense of magic and wonder into your life.
  • Transform your relationships.
  • Improve your diet and how you treat your body – including with your words and thoughts.
  • To clear and brighten the energy of your home raising it to much higher frequencies.
  • For abundance and manifesting.
  • To have more fun.
  • To bring in miracles.

The Rainbow Fire of Source and the highest good

Think of things in your life that you might like to transform for the highest good. Are there things blocking your happiness? What makes your heart sing that you would love to manifest? How are your relationships? Your health? Your home? What projects are you involved with?

Ask the rainbow dragons to blow the Rainbow Fire of Source into your energy fields, your home and things you are working on. Sense their gentle, loving energy as they wrap you up in the colours of the rainbow as the Rainbow Fire of Source comes alive within and around you.

Seeing Rainbows

When you see a rainbow, either in real life or in a picture, it gives you an opportunity. You can ignore it and look away, or you can really receive its magic. Stop and stare in wonder. Whether you are eight or eighty-eight years old, it doesn’t matter. This opens your heart and energy fields to the Rainbow Fire of Source.

I love photography, and recently I am seeing more and more rainbow orbs and double rainbows in my photos. The pictures below were all taken by me in the past month. Once you invite this energy into your life, you will start to see signs everywhere as confirmation. It acts as a key to unlock things that have closed or difficult for you in the past.


I suddenly felt connected to the energy of Merlin in 2017 and have been working with him since. My heart leapt for joy when I learned that Merlin is a Dragon Master. I hadn’t known this but when I heard it, it made perfect sense to me. Merlin was an aspect of St Germain and is famous for his assistance with King Arthur of Avalon. He was immortal and magical and could master the elements. Work with Merlin to bring more magic into your life, and to alchemise that which you wish to transform for the highest good.

Quan Yin and Abraham

Abraham is another Dragon Master, as well as Quan Yin. Abraham is an aspect of El Moyra, whom I wrote a blog about earlier this year, called ‘Be More Energy Authentic with El Morya.’

I AM Rainbow Fire of Source Affirmation

This is a very powerful I AM affirmation to invoke the Rainbow Fire of Source. Say it three times, every day for a month and see what happens in your life.

Archangel Metatron oversees the Rainbow Fire of Source, along with Merlin and the Shekinah who represents the divine feminine. There exists perfect balance of the masculine and feminine energies.

I have now seen how the rainbow dragons will assist you to send healing to the planetary leylines by channelling the Rainbow Fire of Source through your heart and into the earth. This is shared as an exercise in my workshop, Rainbow Dragon Attunement.

I wish you joy and fun in working with this incredible energy. Please comment below your experiences, and, if you love it, share this info far and wide.

The beautiful featured image for this blog was created by Wendy Philip from Pixabay

Thank you, Wendy.

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