The Green Man

The Black Forest, Germany

I knew many years ago that I would visit the Black Forest. As soon as I heard about it, I wanted to be in it. I’ve just returned from a holiday there, and it is every bit as magical as I knew it would be. Miles and miles of ancient trees. Peace, and space. You could walk for a long time and not meet anybody. On my return I felt inspired to share a video for connecting with the forest energy and a blog – and in asking my guides what the blog should be about – Green Man stepped forward.

Some years ago I went to a craft fair to sell some nature photos I had. I didn’t sell much that day but I ended up buying a painting of the Green Man. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. A little bit like Jack and his magic beans in Jack and the Beanstalk, it was worth going that day, even though I spent more money than I earned. The Green Man spoke to me and I knew we would work together in the future, and had done so many times already. Many children unconsciously work with the Green Man, who is present in nature, especially trees and woodland. His presence is kind and warm and instils a love of nature and adventure.

The Green Man

The Green Man is a deity of nature, and appears in many different cultures with various depictions, in sculptures and carvings. He is often pictured with a face made of leaves, or of tree bark, or both. He symbolises rebirth and growth, and you can connect with him in meditation to heal from illness, to feel youthful, to help the environment and to gain more energy. His energy is deeply wise and yet playful.

Green Man tells us it is time to work with him for the good of the planet. Connect with him to:

  • Heal physical ailments bringing in the healing energy of the forest.
  • Improve your environmental awareness and make positive changes in living a more eco-friendly life.
  • Reach out to political leaders and people of influence to help our natural world – e.g. reducing pollution and pastic, planting more trees, developing cleaner energy solutions.
  • To feel more vibrant and youthful in your energy.
  • To increase your motivation to exercise – especially out in nature.
  • For gardening or ‘growing’ projects.
  • To develop your earth star chakra and base chakra
  • Improve your diet – less junk food and more fresh, organic produce.
  • Grounding – sometimes people on a spiritual path get out of balance with the upper chakras and need to connect deeply with Mother Earth more. Ask Green Man to help keep you earthed on this beautiful planet.

Fairies and the Green Man

The Green Man is very connected to all of the forest elementals, and so when you work with him you also invite the elementals in. Fairies, elves, imps, gnomes, fauns, goblins and so on are the elementals. It is no coincidence that ‘fairy doors’ have become so popular and that children love them. The elementals, as well as unicorns, are part of the human consciousness of old and are coming forward more now to help us to protect and care for nature.

Have you ever hugged a tree? It is the most beautiful experience and very grounding. Close your eyes and connect with the energy of this amazing being. Feel the heartbeat, the rushing of water, the strength. If you can spend some time there, make it into a meditation. Relax and enjoy. Sometimes you will notice that tree trunks look as though they have faces in them.

Those of you who like to work in the garden have undoubtedly sensed the energy of the elementals. They work with plants, helping them to grow and helping us gardeners to know what to do! They will quite literally guide your hands if you ask them.

When I went on my walks in the Black Forest, I took with me one of my Lemurian quartz crystals and meditated with it. To learn more about Lemuria, you might like my blog Unicorns and Lemuria.

Green Man Invocation

An invocation is a powerful way of calling in a Master, Angel or Guide. Here is an example of an invocation you might like to use with the Green Man:

I now invoke the loving energy of The Green Man.

Please shower me with vibrant blessings of the forest.

Fill every cell of my body with your wisdom, healing and light.

Guide me to healthy choices in what I eat and drink and how I use my body.

Support me in being a guiding light for the wellbeing of beloved Mother Earth.

Send my energy deep into the earth so that I may always be grounded.

And So It Is.

The Five Day Forest Meditation Challenge

Sometimes it’s not practical to get to a forest physically. If that’s the case for you and you want to connect with those energies, why not do the Five Day Forest Meditation Challenge? What I mean is, meditate using the video provided below for five days in a row, and see how your energy changes. You might find that you simply feel better for having the forest energy in your being. You also might discover that it becomes easier suddenly to physically visit a forest. Why not try it out and see? If you do, please comment and let me know how it went.

Angels of Nature

Archangel Purlimiek is the archangel of nature and you can invoke his energy to support you in connecting with nature energies. For more information, see my blog ‘Nature Energy and Archangel Purlimiek.’

Pick a Unicorn Card

Diana Cooper has unicorn cards online, why not pick one now and let us know in the comments which one you got. Click here to pick a card.



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