The Angels of Abundance

The Angels of Abundance


The Angels of Abundance: You can call upon the angels of abundance, who are a team of angels dedicated to helping us with our abundance, to enhance this area of your life. This will help build this feeling in your  vibration.

When we feel abundant, we have experiences of being abundant. So the first most important thing if we are struggling in this area, is to bring about the feeling of abundance. Can be easier said than done if you are tense and worrying about how to cover the bills. However, the more we worry and think negativity about it the worse it gets, so it’s worth giving this some attention.

There are lots of things you can do to raise your vibration and start attracting what you want. In my book ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT‘ I lead you through some powerful steps in manifesting abundance.

5 ways to feel more abundant right now:

  • Write down three things you have manifested in your life, such as a holiday, nice curtains, clothes or other things you are pleased about. They could be big or small things. Often when you think about it you are better at manifesting than you realised, and have had lots of successes. Knowing this helps keep you motivated – you can do it!
  • Think of 5 things you are happy and grateful for in your life right now. Gratitude instantly makes us feel better and lighter. As opposed to focusing on what’s not going right and feeling like a helpless victim. When you see instances of abundance showing up, even finding a penny, pick it up and say ‘thank you angels.’
  • Tidy a corner of your home, a drawer or your car then sit back and look at it and enjoy it. Ask the angels to help you bring beautiful clear energy in. Having a clean tidy living space invites abundance. If you are overwhelmed and have a lot to do, do it in bite sized chunks.
  • Call in the angels of abundance either out loud or in your head, ask them to help you to open up to blessings and receive guidance from them.
  • Dedicate a place in your home to abundance, decorate it with crystals, angels, flowers, beautiful pictures etc. You don’t have to finish it today, but make a start and make it just how you want it over time.

And of course, Angel EFT, as shown in this demo video.



About the author: Susan Browne, author of ‘Angel EFT’ Dragonrising (2016), helps people to feel great in their energy, overcome blocks and achieve goals. She teaches workshops worldwide and sees clients via Skype.

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