Testimonials for Susan’s Angel Workshops

‘Susan’s workshop was serene, peaceful and rewarding’ Bridget, North Kerry.

‘Susan gives off a wonderful energy.’ Breda, Ardfert.

‘A loving, gentle experience for people at all levels to enjoy and learn from.’ Ainsley, Tralee.

‘Glad I went, felt very sheltered and supported.’ Tamara Spring, Ballyheigue,

‘I came away with a great sense of calmness and serenity, met lovely peole at the workshop.’ B, Blennerville.

‘I think anyone that has had any unusual things happen to them should not ignore them.’ Emiela Lowe, Ardfert.

‘Learned so much about myself and others – we are all one. From love, with love <3’ B, Killarney.

‘Susan is a very good facilitator you leave her workshops feeling very relaxed. Enjoyed all the angels and the energy in the room.’ Audrey, North Kerry.

‘Uplifting.’ .

‘I did the Angel Intuition’ workshop and got exactly what I was seeking from it, thanks always.’ Sarah, Limerick.