Surviving Negative People

angels help with negativity

When I say negative people, I mean people who are behaving negatively. Nobody is a negative person. But each one of us has the potential to behave negatively, just as we have the potential to be a beacon of light positivity that uplifts and inspires those around us.

When people are being ‘negative,’ they are draining to be around. It’s because their frequency has dropped, and they have become surrounded by lower frequency perceptions. It can arise out of fear in response to very challenging life circumstances: bereavement; illness; and other life stressors. It can also become a bad habit and be modelled from those around the person. Especially if they grew up surrounded by a lot of negativity and fear.

Think of the people you know in your life now and decide whether, at this time, they might be operating mostly out of fear or out of love at the moment. Try not to judge. We can all slip into fear-thinking and it never feels nice. Many people are mid-way on the vibrational scale and so can swing both ways. Being easily influenced by what happens during the day.

Other people’s negativity can be sticky – and if you are sensitive you may feel you have taken some of it on.

Some of the negative behaviours:

  • Gossip – speaking ill of others.
  • Complaining about life; people; the world etc.
  • Controlling others and possessiveness.
  • Making comments designed to hurt.
  • Criticism.

I used to find it very challenging to be around people who spoke in a negative way. I would feel suffocated and want to remove myself. And sometimes that’s not a bad idea. If you can remove yourself. But what if you can’t?

Ways to respond to negative talk:

  • Don’t agree or join in.
  • Allow the person to vent but remain neutral.
  • Talk about something else.
  • Stay focused on what you love and feel grateful for; don’t get persuaded into that mindset of fear.
  • If someone is hurtful or critical, feed it back to them. ‘When you say that, I feel…’

The angels can help us with this in many ways. You can:

  • Ask your guardian angel to surround you in light, especially around your ears and your throat. Your ear chakras suffer when negative information is received so protecting them with light will help. Your throat chakra contracts when you start joining in and voicing the negativity too.
  • Ask the other person’s guardian angel to help them to move into a space of love. The other person has free will and can choose how they behave. But asking their guardian angel may be enough to usher them in some more light so they feel less fearful.
  • Ask Archangel Michael to immediately cut cords with his sword of light with this person and surround you in his deep blue protective bubble of light.
  • Ask Archangel Metatron to pour golden orange ascension light infused with sacred geometry over you and let this expand around you, touching the other person too.

What’s the difference between negativity and venting stress?

How can we decide if someone is being negative in an unhealthy way or if they are just getting something off their chest? Sometimes, being a good support to someone is just listening and letting them talk. Some people are going through tough times. And having the chance to talk to someone can be very helpful. It’s for you to decide whether they are stuck in a toxic cycle or simply thinking aloud in order to voice some of the stress that’s going on in their mind. Ask the angels to help you to tell the difference. It can still be hard, even if the person is just getting something out that’s been bothering them.

Call in the angels, don’t try to carry other people’s burdens. Bring in the light and use techniques to cleanse yourself afterwards. The violet flame is very useful for this. You could also ask them if they have thought about talking to a professional about their worries.


If you look after yourself and make self care a priority, you are less likely to be bothered by other people’s negativity. You are less likely also to attract it. And when it does arise, if you are in a raised vibrational state, it simply slides off you and doesn’t stick. Find out more about my vibrational scale here.

More help:

If you are feeling overwhelmed with negativity around you, consider booking an Angel EFT Session with me. I am based in North Kerry, Ireland but also work online internationally. I help people to bring in the angels and clear away blocks, giving you techniques that you can continue to use and benefit from after the session.

Further reading

In my book, Angel EFT, I talk about energy hygeine in chapter five, which also touches on today’s topic. Proxy tapping, as covered in chapter ten, can also help situations like this, as well as better relationships, chapter eleven.

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