How to Send Angels to Someone Else

Worrying about People Doesn’t Help

When someone you care about is suffering, a typical human response is to worry about them. However, worrying about someone could actually add to their predicament as it forms a cord of fear between you, them and the situation. To learn more about cords and how to cut them, read my blog on cutting cords with Archangel Micheal. Worrying is not helpful, and there is plenty you can do to help. In this blog, I will share some of the techniques on how to send angels to someone else. 

How to Send Angels to Someone Else

The angels love to be asked, and they adore helping us. Simply by asking, in your mind or out loud, ‘Angels, please help —-,‘ opens a bridge of light for the angels to enter.

If the person you are concerned about doesn’t believe in angels and so wouldn’t ask them for themselves, you can still ask. Simply say ‘Angels, please help —– in any way you can, if their soul permits this, and for the highest good of all concerned.’ At a soul level, the person might allow the angels to help, but at a conscious level, they might lack understanding or feel that they don’t deserve help. The angels don’t hold prejudice against people that don’t believe in them.

Free Will and Suffering

Other people have the right to learn their lessons painfully. This is very hard to watch, as a mother, friend, partner, brother or other loved one. You begin to suffer because you care about the person and you wish you could put a stop to their suffering. But under the law of free will, it is not your business if that person makes the hard choice, refuses to address their addiction, won’t leave their horribly behaved partner, puts off sorting out their debt, lets others treat them badly, won’t look after their health or other such problem. One of your lessons may be to learn to step back. To be supportive but not trying to fix.

Send Angels, Then Let it Go

This is the hardest part sometimes. But if you have asked the angels, it is best for all concerned if you can trust that all happens within divine order and release your fear for this person and situation. Remember that while you are in a human body, on earth, you can’t see the bigger picture as the angels can. Release your grip and trust.

The angels love giving us signs, and you can ask for one to validate that they are helping. Some of the signs include seeing white feathers, an unexpected rainbow, a non-medical related high pitched sound in the ear, angel shaped clouds, seeing the word angel or hearing it in a song. Trust that when you get a sign you will recognise it. Try not to obsess about signs, and instead draw on your faith that all is being taken care of.

Work on your own energy and self-care. This will make you the strongest possible to be a support for that person, whether by physically being there or simply through your own consciousness. Raise your own vibrational frequency.

How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

In my book, Angel EFT, I offer many exercises to help you to raise your frequency through energy and tapping angel exercises. Think now of ways in which the angels would guide you to lighten up your life. Is there something you can change today that will raise your energy? Maybe it is what you eat and drink. Perhaps you could take more exercise; make time to meditate; learn to say no (if you are always taking on too much because you don’t like letting people down); ask the angels to help you more.

Having an attitude of gratitude is a fast way of bringing in more light. Even if you don’t feel very grateful, try saying ‘Thank you, angels, for the learning I am gaining from this challenging situation. I am so grateful to be the strong wise being that I am.’

Notice when your thoughts move into judgement and fear. When you begin labelling things, or people. Take a deep breath and say ‘thank you, angels, for helping me to release judgement and fear now.’

We Chose This

There is a belief that before we incarnate, we pick our family very deliberately, and the people we meet in our lives, and our experiences. Many light souls find it hard to believe that they would choose such a challenging family or situation, but coming to earth is a learning experience. But they are not like me at all! Why would I wish pain on myself? What learning would there be if it were always easy?

You came here to stretch and grow. Every challenging person and situation we meet in our life acts as a mirror for us to see something new about ourselves. And as the Buddhist parable about the mustard seed shows, every one of us has lost and suffered.

Ask For Yourself As Much As You Ask For Others

As a caring person, who was attracted to reading this blog, you probably find yourself looking out for others a lot. Remember to ask for yourself also, as much, if not more than for other people. Ahem… yes, you! Even if it simply becomes a practise to say, after requesting help for someone else ‘Thank you, angels, for helping me to keep the learning from this experience and let go of fear now.’

Ask How You May Be of Service

If you really feel you have a role to help out in the situation with the person you have concerns for, ask the angels ‘how best may I serve in this situation?’ Then listen. Find a quiet spot to ask this. Close the door, put away your phone, in other words, reduce distractions as much as possible. This helps you to be fully present and open to the divine guidance of the angels. You might be surprised by the answers you receive.

You will know it is the angels, rather than just your own thoughts because messages from the angels always feel light and loving.


How are you breathing just now? Is your breath shallow and high up in the chest? If so, this is your body telling you that you are tense. It’s easier to be of service when you are relaxed. Try a breathing technique that you know to invite relaxation into your body. You are a better channel this way.

Abdominal breathing helps to relax you. Place one hand on your belly, and when you breathe in bring the breath all the way down to your belly so that it pushes your hand forward. Sigh when you breathe out. Then repeat. You don’t need to keep sighing, just a few of those will do!

Angel EFT for Sending Angels to Someone Else

Work with me here in the video where I show you some Angel EFT for sending angels to others.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and video. Wishing you and whoever you are sending angels to many angel blessings and an abundance of light,



About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals. She provides 1:1 sessions in person and online. She is the author of ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ available from the Book Depository free worldwide delivery.

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