Rainbow Dragon Attunement Replay

with Susan Browne

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Receive a Rainbow Dragon Attunement to invite miracles and transformation. The Rainbow Dragons are helping us to bring more magic and wonder into our lives, to raise our vibrational frequency and to manifest our heart’s desire and that of the New Golden Age. They work with the powerful Rainbow Fire of Source.

I just completed the Rainbow Dragon attunement – wow it was beautiful – so so so deep. Thank you so much for the affirmation and the one re my home. I am excited to invite them in and help me with my words flowing for my work and my home xxxx Thank you.”

Helen Colgan Healing Heart

In this Workshop:

  • Learn about the dragons and how they are helping us now.
  • Meet the Rainbow Dragons including your own personal rainbow dragon and the great dragon master, Merlin.
  • Receive a special attunement to the Rainbow Fire of Source with the magnificent Rainbow Dragons brought through the 12 fifth dimensional chakras for benefits on all levels.
  • Powerfully raise your vibration.
  • Learn how to work with the Rainbow Dragons and the Rainbow Fire of Source to bring magic, miracles and divine manifestation into your life for the highest good.
  • Channel the Rainbow Fire of Source to send healing to the planet with the Rainbow Dragons.

Read the blog to understand more about the benefits of working with this magnificent energy, including the powerful I AM affirmation. Never worked with dragons before? To find out what it feels like to connect with the dragons, pick one of Diana Cooper’s dragon cards