Oneness Consciousness and Spiritual Growth

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Oneness Consciousness and our True Nature

One of the most challenging aspects of our spiritual growth could be oneness consciousness, and yet at a heart level, in our truest nature, we are already there. Watch how small children play together. They don’t worry about language, what the other is wearing, their appearance, or what religion or cultural group they belong to. They see another be-ing and want to play – and are not looking for separateness and divisions but for connection. As adults we can learn from this. 

Oneness is open-hearted, seeing all persons as connected and without duality. Seeing the best in others and not seeking out the worst, the differences, the wrongness, and so on.

Fifth Dimensional Living

In our fifth-dimensional consciousness, we can not only see the light in others, we see the brilliance in others and rejoice as though this is ourselves. This is to see the god-ness (not just the goodness) in each and every one. When we feel this way, life is pleasant and enjoyable. As compared to when we are judging others, making ourselves right, struggling and disagreeing. It often starts from the inside out. That is, those who judge others a lot and linger in separation consciousness are also very hard and unaccepting of themselves. Love and accept yourself and loving and accepting others is much easier. Because they are a part of you. 

Oneness and the Body of Everything

When we are in separation consciousness, it is a little bit like only loving certain parts of the body. Say, you only love your hands, but you are dissatisfied with every other part of your body. It doesn’t feel very good, as you notice those other parts, which are all a part of you. So is everyone and everything a part of you. Life is more pleasant when we can make a heart connection with all. 

But, when there is disorder in the world, cruelty, third-dimensional politics, dogma, war, and so on, how can oneness even be possible?


Try for a moment to imagine something that worries, upsets or angers you that is happening in the world or in your life. We could use the cutting down of rainforests as an example. Now imagine this issue is within your physical vehicle. Perhaps it exists in your lower arm, above your wrist. Rub this area, and say, I love and heal that which represents the cutting down of rainforests in me now. I love it and release it with light. Hold the area. Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Gabriel, please burn the cosmic diamond violet flame through me now to fully release the cutting down of rainforests. I send this part of me to Source with love for its total healing. Breathe and hold, fully letting it go as the angels blaze the flame through you. 

The Law of One

A useful analogy could be to see each and every situation as a part of you since your reality is completely unique. What we see, think, feel, and experience is our experience and nobody else’s. See each person and experience as Source showing you something. Sometimes you will be shown wonderful, inspiring, and beautiful things. Other times you will be shown things that trigger and anger you. This is part of your learning and without being shown these things you couldn’t learn the lessons. 

According to the law of one, I am everything. I am every gender, race, religion, nationality, and so on. Because we are all one. Imagine if each person you meet today is Source disguised as these people and that you are being tested. When you pass each test, you are rarely shown it again, unless you need to repeat or strengthen the lesson. 

Do as You Would be Done By

Be as kind to yourself as you would like others to be towards you. Even in the absence of another, even somebody in the media whom you’ve never met, speak about them in a way you would like another to speak about you. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing. Bless them.

Everyone is on their own path, who are we to judge the path others take? Those who act in a way you find abominable might well be young souls with much to learn. If you were a young soul with much to learn (every soul was at one point) and making grievous mistakes, how would you like to be treated and spoken to?

Relax and speak to yourself with kindness and it is easier to do this with others then also. 

Awareness of the Shadow and Projection

When we see things in others that we don’t like, it is often because it reminds us of something we dislike or fear in ourselves. It can also be showing us something important about what we need to master. To understand this fully is a great step on the spiritual path. Sometimes, we know it, but still have those feelings of duality. This is the shadow which is not something we can simply transcend while in a human body, but something we can embrace as a great teacher and learn to work with.

Tools to Cultivate Oneness

Oneness is not some destination that you will reach and remain at, at least while you are in a human incarnation. My understanding is that, like fifth-dimensional consciousness, it can be fluid. When we are triggered, we might get knocked out of oneness. Make the aim to be awake and alert, rather than to be perfect. There are many spiritual tools you can use to help cultivate oneness, it would take a book or many volumes of books to include them all. So here I will include some of my favourites and most powerful. 

Angel EFT


Chant a sacred mantra to build your light body and/or to stop runaway negative thoughts or rants in the mind. There are so many wonderful ones to choose from. One of my favourites is I Am the Monad, from ascended master Djwhal Khul channeled by Alice Bailey: 

I AM The Monad

I AM The Light Divine

I AM Will

I AM Love

I AM Fixed Design

You can also substitute the word Monad for ‘Soul’ if this resonates more. To say I Am the Monad is a higher level, as the Monad is above the soul. To read more about the Monad, click here.

Build Your Antakrana Bridge

The Antakarana or rainbow bridge is the connection between your soul extension (your earth experience in the physical vehicle), your soul, your Monad and Source. Alice Bailey recommends we use our intention and focus; use spiritual visualisations; project sacred mantras (such as the one above) and prayers, invocations and evocations to access our Monad; stability of a spiritual practise and discipline and our knowing that life is eternal (resurrection).

Master Sanat Kumara, help me to strengthen and build my Antakarana Bridge now. Guide me in the best spiritual practises for me. Help me to build, expand and shine my light. I Am That I Am. AUM. 

Spiritual Books and Texts

Surround yourself with things that will help cultivate oneness. The more you read spiritual texts that inspire you, talk about what you are learning to share with others and learn from them as well, the more your light body will strengthen. 


The featured image for this blog was created by the talented Rowan Morgan from Pixabay.

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