Nature Energy and Archangel Purlimiek

Working with nature energy and Archangel Purlimiek


Archangel Purlimiek is the nature angel, and you can call upon him to help make more opportunities possible for you to be in nature. Also to bring that energy to you, when you physically can’t whether due to proximity or time issues. The energy we receive when we spend time out in nature refreshes our being and is also encoded with wisdom.

If you have a question and spend time in nature with the intention of getting the answer or more information, oftentimes it will drop into your mind. It brings us balance and soothes the heart.

Archangel Purlimiek also works with the elementals, or nature spirits. You can work with the elementals for a sense of playfulness and childlike wonder, and to help out with your garden! I sometimes write children’s stories and I frequently ask the elementals to help me out with ideas and inspiration. They always do.

If you cannot get out into nature very often there is a way to call upon and cultivate this energy. Connect with Archangel Purlimiek when you look at beautiful nature photos or films when you can’t physically be there.

Close your eyes for a moment, feet flat on the floor and ask to be refreshed and revived by a waterfall of light. If you are stuck in a meeting or a traffic jam, ask to connect with the energy of nature to feel instantly refreshed.

In Angel EFT you can also tap positive EFT on the word nature, first calling in Archangel Purlimiek to support you in this. Revive is another word you might use.

You can also call on this Archangel to protect nature and take care of it. For proxy tapping to send light and higher consciousness to those in charge of cutting down valuable forests or doing other harmful things to our planet. You could ask Archangel Purlimiek whilst tapping to please help raise the consciousness of those who make the decisions. If lots of people did this, imagine the effects!

If we hold the vision of the frequency of humankind sufficiently raising so that we naturally take care of our planet better it can only bring benefit.

Archangel Purlimiek holds the divine blueprint for our fifth-dimensional natural world and works with the ninth dimensional Master Pan. He has retreats in Zimbabwe, Stonehenge, Tibet and Machu Picchu in Peru. He works on a blue-green Ray which radiates the divine vibration of harmony and healing.

For more information, I recommend Diana Cooper and Tim Whild’s book and audio ‘The Archangel Guide to Ascension.’


Love and Light, Susan


About the author:

Fondly known as YouTube’s Angel EFT lady, Susan is a life coach, tapping practitioner, angel workshop facilitator and writer. International bestselling spiritual author, Diana Cooper, commended her self-help book, Angel EFT. Susan provides a formula for combining tapping techniques with angel visualisations and exercises, to help people raise their frequency and connect with angels.

Susan specialises in helping people to get clear about their life purpose and release blocks to abundance and success. Focusing on letting go of limiting beliefs that have been putting happiness on hold, and then powerfully visualising what the client wants to create. She has coached writers, business owners, teachers, doctors, artists and all number of clients who wish to improve their life.  

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