My Eleven Top Spiritual Tools

For this Amazing New Year, I want to share with you my Eleven Top Spiritual Tools.

Here are some techniques I find incredibly effective for my own personal and spiritual development. We will all gravitate to different ways of enhancing our growth, and over time, you may move away from one thing and sometimes even back to it again years later. I know I have.

1. Getting up Early

It might sound more like a productivity tool than a spiritual one, but I have found that getting up at 5 am brings me great peace in my day – and I can always fit my meditation in! The peace I find early in the morning helps me to have a clear head, and get a good run at the day. Sometimes, I have done almost everything by lunchtime and can devote the afternoon to leisure activities and/or being with loved ones.

2. Journalling

Julia Cameron advocates writing three large pages each morning. I settle with one medium size page. Journalling can be writing about your dreams, your emotions, your plans for the day, how you are enjoying your cup of tea. Whatever comes into your head.

I regard it as being a bit like ‘mental floss.’ Letting go of those thoughts onto the page, so you are freed up. Don’t try to be good. And I seldom ever read back over them. I can barely read my handwriting anyway! Just let go.

3. Meditation and Visualisation

It doesn’t matter how you do it, and there are many different ways. But meditating in some way that puts you in touch with the divine opens you up to the higher energies that are there to support you. Whether you think of God, a higher self, angels, dragons, unicorns, Source it doesn’t matter. You are opening your crown chakra and summoning more light to flow down through you by including meditation in your daily routine. Some people might meditate for hours. But I think even ten minutes can make a huge difference.

In 2020 I was shown the Rainbow Fire of Source, and I connect with this using the powerful invocation in this blog. I also learned to work with dragons with the amazing Diana Cooper School of White Light. Their courses have helped me in my meditation and visualisation practise, and spiritually in so many ways, not to mention my work with clients and running events. 

This year, more than ever, I worked with the Lemurian crystals and a group of friends with whom I practise planetary healing. I’m hugely grateful for the technology to be able to do this with them. 

4. Discipline and Spontaneity

The word ‘discipline’ sounds a bit odd to me, like school or strictness or something. But I have come to understand it as having order in my life. I won’t always agree with myself or do the things I think I ought to, but having some discipline helps me grow spiritually. One thing I consider a discipline is exercising Monday to Friday. I don’t always feel like it, but the discipline of making myself exercise always puts me on the right foot for the rest of the day.

I like using lists and have found the key to ‘list success’ is to put too few things on it rather than too many. Then you might end up doing more, and be pleased with yourself instead of critical or disappointed.

Conversely, sometimes I need the opposite in my life. Too much structure, lists and discipline can lead to an energy imbalance. The masculine energy of doing/doing/doing needs a rest. So then it’s time to bring in more spontaneity. To dance, to play, to do nothing at all but be. Receive. Allow silence.

5. Natural Medicines

I love essential oils, homoeopathy, Bach Flower remedies, and other natural medicines to deal with ailments and give myself a boost. I am grateful for modern medicine and doctors and medical staff, but my first choice is to look to holistic medicine where possible. I trained in Reiki in 1998 and have never forgotten the power of energy healing from channelling the life force energy through your hands and body.

One year I had a chest infection and my angels told me to start taking coconut oil, internally and externally. I thought this a bit odd, but when I looked it up, I saw that coconut oil has amazing healing properties, and I’ve used it ever since. I like mixing essential oils into coconut oil too for putting on the skin.

6. Essence Bottles

In May 2020, I was guided in my meditation to get some colourful essence bottles. So I got in touch with my friend, Penny, who is trained in Colour Mirrors and the beautiful Essence Bottles, and I honestly feel these little friends helped my year go smoothly and made me grow. It’s hard to explain how they work. But each bottle has a message and can help you in different areas of your life and spiritual growth.

7. Oracle Cards

Beginning your day by picking a card is a wonderful way to connect with the divine. People use cards in all sorts of different ways. This year I have been working with the unicorn and dragon decks the most, but tend to swap around and am often tempted by new decks that come out. Remember to tune into the image of the card as well as just reading the text. This way, you are using your third eye and will receive more information than what has been written to apply to most people. 

8. Books

Spiritual and personal development books have improved my life beyond measure, and I am so grateful to the authors that wrote them. I also love fiction novels, that transport me into other worlds and inspire my own creative writing. Love reading too? Follow my reading list and connect with me on Goodreads

9. Exercise

I have included exercise as a spiritual practice since so many of us spiritual types need to work with the physical body to stay grounded. Yes, exercise helps your physical and mental health. But it also gets you back into your body. I have psychically seen many lightworkers walking around with what I call a ‘top-heavy’ energy presentation. Please excuse my very basic sketch of this; it looks to me something like this:

Lots of energy whizzing around those higher chakras, but a bit skinny in the lower ones. Regular exercise can help this. Also yoga, especially the poses that activate the lower chakras. I love the mountain pose and thunderbolt. But cardiovascular exercise, if you can, will improve your health on many levels and ground you so that you can be balanced and well. 

10. Angel EFT and Tapping

EFT and tapping have improved my life on so many levels. I created Angel EFT because I found the angels came to me even more readily when I started tapping. This is because we raise our vibration when we tap, through clearing our energy, and the angels find it easier to ‘speak’ with us. Below is my most-watched Angel EFT video, for clearing the throat chakra with Archangel Micheal. Click here to learn more about my book, Angel EFT. 


11. Follow Your Bliss – Now

You came to this planet to have fun, as well as to learn and undergo challenges. What brings you joy? What makes your heart sing? That is something you should be doing in your life. Every day if possible.

Don’t put off doing this. I use the affirmation ‘I am living the dream,’ because it reminds me that I am, actually. And I used to live my life in constant pursual of something. I wanted more abundance, more success. More this, more that. But I came to realise in recent years that I already am abundant. I already am living my dreams. And this realisation magnetises more wonderful experiences.

If you cannot honestly say you live the dream, then ask what it would take for you to be living it. What is one thing you can do today to step into that reality? If you find yourself saying things like, ‘I’ll be happy when…’ stop!! You’ll be happy now if only you’ll allow yourself. This is not a rehearsal for the big thing. This is it. Life is happening now. Enjoy it. 

I would love to hear your top spiritual tools, tell me in the comments below. 

Love Susan.

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