My Amazing Life – Angel EFT Tapathon

Approx One hour Replay for Instant Download

“an amazing session thank you soooo much Susan xxx”

“My energy went to 10+”

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Are you ready to share in an hour of magic with the angels? 

Join Susan Browne, author of Angel EFT, for a life-affirming, vibration-raising hour of Angel EFT. Suitable for beginners and seasoned angel tappers. 

Enjoy being guided through Angel EFT tapping rounds for brightening your energy and outlook. Tapping as a group is extremely powerful. Receive what’s known as ‘borrowed benefits’, whereby even if you are tapping on an issue that doesn’t apply to you, your energy feels wonderful, and things are cleared for you as well. We are all connected energetically, and when we tap together, we release energy for everyone. 

What would you love to clear now? What are you manifesting?

Getting out of your own way

Learn how to tap with the angels to remove blocks related to self-doubt

Get Clear and Connected 

Enjoy tapping into feeling a strong divine connection and being clear

Some of the Topics Covered

  • Stepping into your light – overcoming fear of judgement and being seen
  • Cleaning up diet – eating healthy foods
  • Inner child healing and moving forward
  • Attracting a wonderful partner
  • Overcoming procrastination and taking action
  • Being open to receiving

The angels want us to live our best lives. This is a win/win for everyone, for when we’re living our best lives our high vibration affects everyone we meet. We can truly shine. 

Comments about the Book, Angel EFT


Diana Cooper, Bestselling Spiritual Author and International Speaker

“Angel EFT is a very powerful technique I was really surprised at the way my energy quickly felt clearer. Yes, it really works.”

Brad Yates, EFT Master/Author and YouTuber

“I love the enriching way this enjoyable book integrates tapping with angel work. This opened me up to possibilities I hadn’t considered, and I found numerous approaches that I am trying in my own work.”

Helen Ryle, MICHP GoE Trainer, Hypno-Psychotherapist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

“Susan’s book will appeal to those who are familiar with EFT and energy work and are interested in learning about assistance and support from the Angels, and also to those who know and love Angel work and would like to add Energy EFT to enhance their practice.
Angel EFT is a comprehensive and easy to follow primer on both these fascinating topics, informed by Susan’s extensive experience as a Psychiatric Nurse, Counsellor and Energy EFT Master Practitioner, as well as Angel Healing Practitioner. Susan brings down to earth practicality to subjects which are often thought of as “airy fairy” or “woo woo”!
Within these pages you will find clear explanations of the Angel EFT techniques, and understand why, when and how to call in the Angels and Archangels. Susan includes clear instructions and suggestions, practical exercises and example EFT scripts for each technique, as well as offering loving support and encouragement.
Angel EFT demonstrates how to use Energy EFT and angelic support for many common issues and problems – anxiety, low mood and depression, habits and addictions, difficult relationships and much more, and Susan offers step by step techniques and relevant case stories from her experience with clients. The positive focus of angel work supports Energy EFT’s emphasis on feeling better in the present, rather than endless trauma chasing in the past.”

EFT Advanced Practitioner, Sylvanna Scott AAHS

“I have been working with EFT with my clients and self for many years and I also work with the Angels and had already started incorporating EFT with the Angels. I enjoyed reading about Susan Browne’s therapy of Angel Tapping ( EFT ) Different exercises I have applied to my own therapy. My next project is to use EFT on Animals.”

“The day I purchased the Angel EFT book I spent four hour in the cafe engrossed in this book, highlighting relevant parts and this book is part of my life, referring to it on a daily basis, since then.”