Merlin Abundance Flow Activation Replay

Approx. 77 mins

Connect with the magical energy of Merlin, the angels and the unicorns and work with them to anchor your abundance consciousness and live in flow.

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Enjoy connecting with Merlin and your own magic. Flow is the natural state of each and every one of us. But many have forgotten this. When you step into flow you feel peaceful and life feels like a dance. You are the narrator of your life. Merlin helps us to remember this, to remember our magic and to activate flow and abundance consciousness in a powerful way so we can live our fullest, brightest life.

In This Workshop:

  • Connect with Master Merlin in a powerful visualisation at the planetary heart chakra of Glastonbury Tor in the etheric. Here you will tell Merlin about what it is you want to create now in your life.
  • Enjoy uplifting and fun tapping exercises with Susan Browne, author of Angel EFT to release blocks to abundance and flow and anchor prosperity consciousness.
  • Meet the unicorns and receive their high frequency energy and blessings – they teach us about living lightly.
  • Formulate some of your own personal flow and abundance angel affirmations and learn how to use these for most powerful results.
  • Meet and activate your magic!