Mahatma Energy for World Peace

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Join me for a meditation for world peace working with the mighty Mahatma Energy. We will invoke this powerful light to first embody in ourselves, which speeds our personal ascension one thousand fold, and then send it to earth with the help of the dragons and many angels and masters to aid world peace.

This is service work which also has many benefits to those attending. The cost of this workshop has more than 90% discount from what I normally charge so it’s accessible to as many people as possible. Please share with like-minded friends – the more people that do it, the bigger the shift. Invite friends to do it in groups.

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🤍💛 In this workshop, we will activate our 12 fifth-dimensional chakras with the powerful Mahatma energy to raise our light ready to send this energy to the world for peace for the highest good of all. 

🤍💛 This is very high frequency cosmic energy created in the golden era of Atlantis and accelerates your ascension one thousand fold. Its colour is golden white and it contains the light of many archangels, the twelve Rays, Christ light and the light of the Buddha.

🤍💛 It helps to break up old emotional patterns and facilitates transformation.

🤍💛In this workshop we will invoke it to balance and heal the glands, and to infuse each of the chakras, and all of the physical body for an amazing boost of energy and healing.

🤍💛Then, together we will send it to the planet for world peace. We assist in facilitating the raising of consciousness of all humans under the Law of Grace. 

🤍💛 Please spread the word and do this in with friends so as many people as possible do this wonderful service work, which also has many personal benefits. 


Below are the dragon cards I picked for this workshop when I asked which dragons are overlighting this mission. Receive the energy of them. Click on the image to see where to get Diana Cooper’s beautiful dragon oracle deck.