Lemurian Planetary Healing

Sunday 21st of July 2019, Ardfert, Co. Kerry

09:15am to 4:30pm

Tickets = €85, deposit of €30 required to book.

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Would you love to be able to use Lemurian Quartz crystals for planetary healing and spiritual development?

Learn how to work with the powerful Lemurian Quartz’s, both physically and ethically in order to raise your frequency and contribute to the healing of Mother Earth.

In this powerful one-day workshop, you will gain:

– Increased vibrational frequency and deeper spiritual understanding.
– An understanding of Lemuria and the Lemurians.
– A chance to work with the Lemurian crystals and learn how to care for them and work with them.
– How to work with the Lemurian crystals that remain (and why they need to remain) in the planet.
– Techniques for healing Mother Earth.
– Powerful visualisations and activities for you to use in your own Lemurian Healing work.
– How to connect to the Cosmic Heart.

Now we are beyond 2012 it is a fabulous opportunity for everyone on this planet to move to enlightenment and ascension. It is a time when the planet is moving into the fifth dimension and new frequencies come in to raise the consciousness of everybody and everything. This workshop shows you how to get there.

Our wonderful planet is undergoing massive changes having raised its energies very rapidly from the third to the fifth dimension. It is at the start now of playing its integral part in evolution by shining its wonderful light and vibrations into the Universe.

The Lemurians knew that this would be a pivotal time in the Earth’s evolution and so they left crystals in the Earth for us to use to magnify healing energy for the use of our planet.

**This workshop is not advised for absolute beginners who have not done any angel workshops at all. If you are unsure about your experience and the suitability of this course, please feel free to ask me, use contact form**

The investment for this workshop is €85. To book, please place a deposit of €30. Use PayPal ‘buy now’ button or contact to arrange payment. Balance of €55 is payable at registration. Pre-booking is essential. Spaces are very limited for this workshop so please book early to avoid disappointment. Deposits are non-refundable.

The energy exchange for this workshop is €85.

To book, please use PayPal ‘buy now’ button below to place a deposit of €30.

Number of People

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