Lemurian Planetary Healing

Watch the Replay from Saturday, 5th of October, 2019, 11:11 GMT, Facebook

for World Lemurian Planetary Healing Day, with the Diana Cooper School of White Light

Lasts approx one hour

Optional suggested donation of €11:11

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Watch the video workshop for World Lemurian Planetary Healing Day, to connect with your Lemurian wisdom.

This workshop was delivered by Facebook Live for approx one hour, on behalf of the Diana Cooper School of White Light. This will be held in a pop-up Facebook ‘classroom’ (a temporary Facebook group); for which you need to sign up to get the link at bit.ly/WLPHday.

The energy exchange is an optional suggested donation of €11.11. More, or less, is fine, and no donation is required to access the classroom. Monies raised are divided equally between the Diana Cooper School of White Light and myself.

Many of us have lived in Lemuria or can resonate with the Lemurian energies. The Lemurian Planetary Healing is so powerful and hugely beneficial to Mother Earth and each of her inhabitants.

Lemurians left no footprint and had a deep love of nature. They want to help us in caring for the planet, reconnecting with nature and raising our vibration. This is about helping people to feel empowered to share their light and help each and every one in loving our precious earth.

This workshop is aimed at those on a spiritual path with whom this topic resonates. For those who have already trained in or attended Lemurian Planetary Healing workshops it is also a way to connect on a larger scale, the healing for Mother Earth is very powerful when lots of people join together in this way. Please share this event with friends whom you think might be interested. The more attendees the more widespread the healing.

We will look at Lemurian crystals and how to connect with them remotely, the Lemurian angels and guides, and you will enjoy powerful meditations to connect you with your own Lemurian knowledge for the highest good of all.

The energy exchange for this workshop is a suggested donation of €11:11

To access the video, please click here

Once booked, you will have the option of making a donation if you feel you want to.

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“A beautiful gentle soul who reaches out to everyone to share her light..feel blessed to know her.” Martha McManus, Facebook Recommendation of Susan Browne.