I AM The Monad

I Am The Monad is a powerful declaration you can make to raise your frequency and connect with the Monad – your divine spark.

As a spiritual being, you have an awareness of a higher wisdom that transcends daily life and problems. That can rise above and not get tangled up in the drama or the ego. You may meet this awareness in meditation sometimes, or when you are feeling particularly good, say when you slow down and watch a sunrise, or spend time in nature with an open heart. Something that awakens your spiritual self.

As you move up the ascension ladder, connecting with spirit becomes a way of life. You see things through the lens of curiosity and can rise above challenges more easily.

Sparks Sent from Source and The I AM

There are an infinite number of Monad’s. The Monads are sparks of light sent from Source. Your Monad is your God-Self, your I AM presence. Christians think of it as God the Father, In Hinduism, it is Brahma and Buddhists call it the Dharmakaya. The Chart of Your Divine Self image depicted by The Summit Lighthouse shows us the monad at the top, surrounded by the causal rings which act as a storage realm of all of our experiences and that which we have mastered in all of our lifetimes.

“Your soul is the mediator between your personality self and your I AM, God self.”

The communication channel goes from the Monad to the Soul to the Soul Extension or personality – our everyday selves in our human lives.

The same way electrical current needs to be stepped down and converted, the light of the Monad is stepped down, to the Soul, to the personality or Soul extension. Our Soul is the individual aspect of us that is in constant contact with the Monad and Source. Your soul is the mediator between your personality self and your I AM, God self.

You are not separate from your God self. It is not something out there, and hard to attain, yet that illusion appears in the third-dimensional human personality. In the fifth dimension, you know this and can feel that you are the I AM because it is you.

Flow & Being in Alignment

The energy flows from Source, through our Monad, through our Soul, and into the heart centre from where it radiates out into our energy fields. When this communication channel is clear, we experience flow in our life and are aligned with our soul’s purpose.

When we are in a high vibration, we are in flow. Our vibration can move freely, and the higher it is, the more we are in alignment. Our task, in our human body, is to be in the higher vibrations and to bring ourselves back up when a trigger or the activation of the shadow self brings us down. Click here to see my vibrational scale, a tool I have created to help master this.

The 12 Souls of the Monad and the 144 Monadic Group

The simplified diagram below shows the 144 monadic group, but remember that the source sends out infinite number of monad’s – not just twelve. Each monad has twelve souls attached to it, and each of those souls has twelve soul extensions attached. We each have a soul family with eleven other soul extensions. These other eleven could be incarnated on the Earth, or some other place in our infinite universe, or could be existing on one of the other spiritual planes of existence. Our eleven other soul extensions are our immediate soul family. In our extended monadic family or group, each of us has 144.

As well as our soul family and monadic family, we will meet soul mates, twin flames and so on, which are different. You may live this whole lifetime without meeting any of your soul family in a body, yet you may meet a soul mate who is from another family, but you have an important connection. You may recognise them and feel as though you have incarnated together before, which you might well have done.

The Seven Initiations

According to Diana Cooper, there are seven initiations we can undertake, and some of us undertake just one in a lifetime and others several. The initiations are rites of passage to a much higher level of evolution and often benefit the collective. It is the soul who chooses the initiations not the personality or soul extension. Right now, there appears to be a lot of people suffering, this is because there are a lot of people undergoing initiations. Initiations can be very challenging.
The fifth initiation is the preparation for the ascension path. It is here you develop access to your Monad or I AM presence and volunteer for cosmic service. The sixth initiation is ascension, the merging of the soul and the monad.
The seventh initiation is typically done after the life of the body is ended, but now more increasingly lightworkers are undergoing the seventh while still in their earth bodies. It involves merging with Sanat Kumara and Shamballa. Then there are no more initiations in that lifetime. The rest of that life is led in service. This seventh initiation happens in the heart chakra, and all twelve chakras become a column of light.
Saying I AM THE MONAD will help our transition through the higher initiations. Tim Whild shares nine levels of the Soul Mantra to help you to work your way up the ascension ladder on his blog.


Sanat Kumara from Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.


Write your own Personal Ascension Monadic Invocation

You can also write your own Personal Ascension Invocation of the Monad. Here is an example:
Recommended Further Reading Joshua David Stone The Complete Guide to Ascension

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