How to Help Someone You Are Worried About

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How to Help Someone You Are Worried About

From time to time, as humans, it is normal to worry about others. Friends and loved ones. People we care about. Worrying in itself though is not very helpful. In this blog, I’ll share five tips in helping others in a useful way with the help of the angels.

Clear Your Own Energy First

In order to help them we need to clear our own energy. If we have fear energy when we think of a person it will help to clear this, so as not to unwittingly send our fear their way. Can be easier said than done in very worrisome situations of course. A little bit like on the plane parents are asked to place their own life jacket on before helping a child, we need to manage our own energy sometimes before rushing off to help someone else. Think of your energy integrity. If you are a pure light influence rather than a cloudy, smoggy collection of nervous energy you are more likely to be of help. Angel EFT can help you to clean up your energy and raise your frequency.

Visualise them surrounded by angels and fully supported

In my latest video I share with you a Powerful Angel Visualisation for helping other people, doing this even once can make a difference. Doing it a number of times is likely to make it even more effective. Or you can simply and quickly visualise the person right now surrounded by angels.

Understand the Spiritual Laws about Illness and Life Challenges

A very powerful book written by Diana Cooper called ‘A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws’ will guide you to a much more detailed understanding on this topic. Know that there are many spiritual laws at play. The law of Karma for example may be one reason that this loved one is experiencing this challenge. By trying to take the lesson away from the person we may accrue karma for ourselves, as we need to respect other people’s life lessons. In fact, this loved one’s challenge is also serving as a life lesson for us, in knowing how to help others and also when to lovingly step back or to delegate to the angels.

That is not to say that anyone who is going through a challenge must be doing so because they have a karmic debt to pay and so must somehow ‘deserve it.’ Far from it. Many of us opt at a spiritual level, before we incarnate for certain challenges to occur in our lifetime. When we are living our life out we would find this idea very strange indeed and it is hard to make sense of at an earth plane human level of consciousness. But our higher self sees things quite differently. Can you remember something really tough you have been through and come out of? Can you name any benefits you have gained having been through that? Often, we can. We are stronger, more resilient, more compassionate to others perhaps; we appreciate family time more than being too work-orientated for example.


The angels love to be asked. Many people don’t realise just how simple it is to ask the angels for help for someone else. People travel to sacred places, which is wonderful by the way, but in truth, the angels are not fussy about where you are when you ask them. Just pray with an open heart:

‘Angels, please go to ……… now. Please surround them with your loving support.’

The angels want to help us when they see us carrying the burdens of others. Remember to ask them to take some of this from you.

Angel EFT Proxy Work

Tapping ‘by proxy’ or surrogate tapping is a method whereby you use tapping on behalf of someone else. This might be in the case where the person is far away or cannot tap for themselves. It can be extremely effective and at the very least helps the person tapping to feel less stressed. I have many videos on this topic; please search in my YouTube channel and in my book, Angel EFT, click here to see more about the book.

Love and Light, Susan


About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goalsShe provides 1:1 sessions in person and via Skype. She is the author of ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ available from the Book Depository free worldwide delivery.

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