How to Do Modern Energy EFT

Setting Up

We set up at the beginning to focus on whatever it is we want to work on. Place the hands on the centre of the chest (the heart healing position) and take three comfortable breaths stating the problem or the issue you are working on. I will refer to this point as HC (heart centre).

The Tapping Points

The next point is the top of the head (TH) is the crown point, where you can use a few or all of the fingers to tap, then the third eye point in the centre of the forehead (TE) using one or two fingers; the eyebrow point is the inner end of the eyebrow (EB); side of the eye is on the bony part just level with your pupil at the side of the eye (SE); under the eye is on the bone again directly under the eye (UE); under the nose is the point in the middle of under your nose and your top lip; under the mouth I refer to as CH as it is the inner crease part of the chin under the mouth; CB is collar bones where I tend to use all the fingers again to tap; top of the thumb is usually just with two fingers tapping (Th); top of the index finger (If); top of the middle finger (Mf); top of the ring finger (Rf); top pf the baby finger (Bf); then the side of the hand where I use up to three fingers (SH) and back to having the hands on the centre of the chest (HC) taking three comfortable breaths again, unless you are continuing on the same round in which case you can go straight to the top of the head again.

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De-Stressing First

It’s a good idea when you are working on a problem to check in if you are feeling stressed about it (usually reflect in the SUE scale as being in the minuses, see overleaf). If a person is stressed and they start tapping on the issues sometimes they end up going off on tangents and tapping on ‘stress talk,’ which is where we see things in a really bleak way. An example might be ‘I am so upset with my partner, he never shows any affection, and my father never showed any affection when I was a child, nobody loves me, I always have these problems,’ and so on. If you are really stressed out it is most effective to de-stress before beginning tapping on the issue you would like to work on. You can de-stress by choosing a word meaningful to you that you will tap on following the heart and soul protocol as described. Words that people have used include ‘peace; calm; tranquil; restful; centred; grounded,’ etc. Pick just one word and do a round on that or more as required.

The Words

You can use whatever wording you like but starting off it is advisable to keep things as simple as possible. You can get fancy as you get more confident. Why not simply tap on the word ‘angel’ or ‘energy’ and see how you feel after it?


  • Tap lightly, think of closing a circuit
  • You can tap, massage or hold the points depending on your preference. In Angel EFT it is often

    useful to simply hold the points.

  • Slow down…. because most people moving from classical EFT to Modern Energy EFT find the slower pace strange at first and end up moving from point to point more speedily than in required in this style of tapping.
The SUE Scale

We use the SUE scale (Subjective Units of Experience) to rate the experience in terms of its distress or how positive it is. Unlike the SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress) used in classical EFT which deals in minuses and stops at zero, the SUE scale encourages us to keep going up into the positives. Instead of just removing a problem, going into its opposite if you like. So for example, we can move from:

-6 feel so nervous about the driving test, to

+6 so confident now.. I am really excited about doing the test so that I’ll be a qualified driver

Why not use the SUE scale now for measuring something you’d like to work on with EFT, for example, ‘I’d love to work with the angels more and receive signs that they are with me.’ Place your finger over the scale and slide it across until you feel the right number for you. If you are in the
minuses you probably don’t feel connected to the angels and are worried or upset about it. If you are in the positives you feel excitement and joy about increasing your angel experiences and the associated blessings. Zero is neutral, or the ‘zero point of peace.’ When we increase the energy flow into the positive side of the scale we are moving towards the healing event. The healing event anchors the change into the energy system. With each problem there is a parallel healing event. We don’t have to come to the healing event in an initial EFT session; any move in the right direction is
progress. Also the set-up will change when we move from the minuses to zero to correspond with the new EFT goal which is the healing event.

Modern Energy EFT (Also called The Heart & Soul Technique)
  1. De-Stress: Place your hands on the centre of your chest and take three deep breaths, slowly in and out. Do 2-3 rounds starting at the top of the head and finishing on the karate chop point, saying “relax” or “calm” whilst tapping/touching/massaging each point. Take a deep breath in and out before moving onto the next treatment point.
  2. Describe the problem and how you feel as you think about it (the set-up statement) – e.g. ‘I never seem to have enough money,’ ‘I never have time to meditate,’ ‘I am so anxious about the meeting,’ ‘I don’t feel motivated to exercise.’
  3. Become aware of any uncomfortable sensations as you tune into the problem; if the sensation had a colour, what would it be?
  4. Take a SUE scale reading – on a scale of -10 to +10, -10 being the worst pain/fear/sadness/despair imaginable and +10 being the best and most alive and positive you could ever feel when focusing on this issue.
  5. Tap 1-3 rounds, beginning with heart healing as above, and repeat a reminder phrase on each point, e.g. ‘not enough money,’ ‘they talk about me,’ ‘anxious about the meeting,’ ‘no motivation to exercise.’
  6. Check how you feel on the SUE scale as you focus again on the issue. Continue with tapping rounds focusing on the problem until you are at zero when you think about it.
  7. Then do a further 2-3 rounds focusing on the positive emotions you would like to feel when you think of the issue/person/event/memory. You can use single words or short phrases: ‘money magnet,’ ‘abundance,’ ‘confident and calm,’ ‘bliss,’ ‘amazing competence,’ ‘super motivated to exercise.’

And that’s it! As simple as that. No need to worry about getting it wrong or getting the wrong statement, all the EFT you do is good for you. This works for physical sensations, and for emotions and even for beliefs that may be a problem too.

SUE image and text originate in part from, and are guided by and

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