Heart Healing with Angels & Masters, Ballybunion

Sunday 30th April 2023 09:50 am – 11 am in the tranquility room in the convent

In Person, at the  Ballybunion MOYA Festival

Join Susan Browne, author of Angel EFT, for a transformative workshop on Heart Healing with Angels & Masters. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to connect with loving angels and ascended masters, including Quan Yin, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, and other benevolent guides, in powerful guided visualisations.


Through these visualisations, you will access the healing power of the angels and masters to release emotional blocks, overcome obstacles, and experience inner peace. You will learn techniques to deepen your connection with the angelic realm and tap into their loving guidance for your personal growth and spiritual development.


Whether you are new to working with angels and masters or have already begun your journey, this workshop will provide you with tools and insights to expand your connection and experience the transformative power of divine love.


In this Workshop:

  • Connect with loving angels and ascended masters, such as Quan Yin, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, and other loving guides in powerful visualisations.
  • Learn exercises to replenish and expand the heart chakra.
  • Enjoy a supportive atmosphere where you can take an hour of quality time for yourself for relaxation and to replenish your energy levels.
  • Experience an expanded sense of wellbeing and joy.
  • Exercises to expand the heart, releasing stale energy and opening yourself up to bliss and a feeling of radiance. 

The heart chakra can be dull or not functioning at its best when we are feeling burned out, lack of enthusiasm, are low, missing, or grieving for someone or something, our relationships are flagging, and many other reasons. Conversely, when it’s bright and expansive we can give and receive love easily – this isn’t just related to our relationships with others but to ourselves and our lives.

Life is brighter with a full, energised heart. The angels and masters are waiting to help with this.

Cost = €10

Lasts: 60 minutes.

Places are limited. BOOK NOW – email moya.ballybunion (AT) gmail.com or click here to follow the link. 

Click the image below to know where this event is happening. It says on the map, Ballybunion Coast Guard Unit but it’s actually in the old convent. 

map of Ballybunion