Healing the Body with the Angelic Realms

 One Hour Workshop Recording

Hear the guidance your angelic team want you to know for your best health. Release energy blocks from the body through powerful visualisations and Angel EFT.

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The angelic realms have so much support for us but because of the law of free will, we need to ask. They want us to learn the lessons that the body is showing us. The body can teach us about things that aren’t in alignment in our lives and wants to tell us how to put things right.

This workshop can help if you are interested in working with the angelic realms and are:

  • suffering a health condition (from minor to life-threatening)
  • wanting to eat more healthy foods and take better care of your body
  • release old blocks and stuck energy in the body
  • release unhelpful beliefs and ideas about your body
  • living with a chronic health issue
  • wanting to relieve pain or inflammation
  • recovering from injury
  • wanting more confidence in your body

**Please note that this workshop is not designed as an alternative to any treatment you are receiving but that its intention is to be complementary – supporting you on your healing journey.

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In this Workshop:

  • Discover your own personal angelic team who are guiding you right now and want you to access your innate divine wisdom for your best physical health.
  • Journey into your higher heart with the Rose Pink Dragons to heal the emotions that radiate out into the physical body and aura, releasing grief, disappointments and resentments for your best health. 
  • Connect with your unicorn guides who teach you to access your gifts. This creates the fire of life which helps to fill the body with joy as you come into alignment with your highest blueprint. 
  • Work with Archangel Faith – twin flame of Archangel Michael to fine-tune your fifth-dimensional throat chakra and help you to move into the faith and groundedness in your physical body. 
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