Goddess Brigid Manifesting Masterclass Replay

Approx. 75 minutes long

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‘It was beautiful to take this time out with St. Brigid. I loved your story and was right there at the well – and the EFT for Brigid.’ Nora McGuire.

“Dear Susan, just some lines telling you how blessed I feel… it was such a pleasure to be in the group and with you. I had a real re-connection with the monad, and I felt the mahatma energy floating in – I was overwhelmed and tears were running down my cheeks I had the feeling that it was endless. So, thank you so much for this opportunity. I will definitely watch the recording again.” – Uta Zimmerlinkat 


Connect with the Goddess Brigid and the angelic realms in powerful visualisation and exercises inspired by Imbolc but that can be used any time:

  • Work with Goddess Brigid and her cleansing fire to release blocks to the realisation of your projects and dreams. 
  • Practise powerful manifestation techniques while bathing in the energy of Imbolc, which you can refer back to afterwards and tune into at any time. 
  • Build your Antakarana Bridge of Light to your Soul, Monad and Source. 
  • Connect with the great Mahatma energies to maximise your light quotients. 
  • Tune into the wisdom of the ancient guardians of nature overseen by Brigit and the powerful energy of Imbolc. 
  • Enjoy stories of legend to inspire and open doors. 

What do you want from this year? This month? This week? 

Become a master of your experiences using high-frequency spiritual manifestation techniques and connecting with your great I Am presence. 

Take ownership of your goals and hopes – get clear on what you really want so that you can line up your vibration to match and attract it.

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