I have a passion for helping people . .

to feel better and achieve their goals. I have had so much fun doing this for myself and the many people I have worked with. I just love being able to share this. Angel EFT combined with coaching offers the perfect tools for those who love angels and want to raise their vibration so that they can really flourish.

I’ll let you in on something I don’t share too often, I had trouble writing my book ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT.’ I wanted to write it for years…. Years!! Before I actually got down to writing it. I procrastinated. I could think of so many good reasons why not to sit down right now and do it. And in the end, do you know how I overcame this block? By using my own techniques, outlined in the book. Angel EFT!!

It’s not easy being a lightworker and staying in a high vibration all the time!! In fact, it’s really hard sometimes. I know all about it. I have learned tonnes along the way on my own journey and helped hundreds of clients to move powerfully forward and feel excited about life again.

“More than 10 years ago, I started to notice an energy blockage in my throat. Once it had come to my awareness, it steadily grew and became very apparent in my everyday life. Since then this throat blockage had been immensely disturbing in different ways. 

Worst was while doing my daily sitting meditation at home or in retreats. I sat down with the intention to do my meditation practise, but however much I tried to relax, I could not breathe normally and sometimes hardly at all. I had pain in my throat and chest, with no medical explanation. The blockage was like a wall and it felt like the connection between my head and the rest of my body was broken. It was a terrible feeling. 

Although the blockage was most obvious during meditation, it affected my whole life. I had a lot of tension in my body and a sense of not being completely present.

I had come across Susan’s Angel EFT YouTube videos and enjoyed them so much I decided to contact her and see if she could help. At this point, I had tried a lot of different things, both by myself and with therapists. Almost everything had been helpful, but not in the way I longed for – as a final solution to my problem. 

With Angel EFT Susan helped me to map the problem and clarify the root cause. In between our sessions, I did homework that we decided together. Susan’s knowledge, warm personality, and confidence helped me to open up and look deeply upon myself. It was a creative, transformative process.

Ten sessions of Angel EFT with Susan and plenty of tears and laughter later the blockage in my throat was finally gone – it’s such a relief! Now it has been two months since session ten, and the results are still lasting. I have noticed other things have started to move in my life as an effect of our work. 

I am deeply grateful to Susan, and will warmly recommend her to anyone who has a blockage in their energy and life and feel they need guidance. Thank you!”                              

Josephine / Sweden

“Susan is so lovely to work with. I found her energy calming and find her presence peaceful. She is totally present with you and I felt comfortable telling her my innermost fears and thoughts. Susan has a lovely approach and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Eilish Murphy / Cork