Courage with Archangel Michael

Courage with Archangel Michael

An Exercise

I’m going to start this blog with a writing exercise, where I invite you to write the following, then see what follows. Feel free to skip ahead and ignore or do it later, but it might be more useful to you if you did it now – if this resonates: 

“If I wasn’t afraid, I would…” 

If you want, you can reword it to the ‘manifest’ version:

“Now that I have the courage, I am….” 

Archangel Michael is the great warrior angel who guards us against negative or lower energies. Just remember to ask. A quick, Archangel Michael, please help me now, in your head or out loud is enough. Call on Archangel Michael if you feel nervous or afraid, to give you strength, courage, and tenacity. To see the Angel EFT video that goes with this blog, scroll right down to the end. 

I often call upon Archangel Michael for cutting cords and protection. But yesterday I learned how he can help us to have courage too, and break through our own fear and resistance.

Via Sancti Michaelis – Archangel Michael’s Ley line

I was away for a few days with my husband in the south of the county, and he suggested we climb Skellig Michael. Which, if you don’t know it, is a large pointy rock island jutting out of the Atlantic, eight miles out to sea from Ireland’s South-West coast, where monks lived hundreds of years ago.

I’m really pleased he only suggested it the day before – because this meant I only lost one night’s sleep, tossing and turning, imagining all that might go wrong. I don’t have the same head for heights I once did, and, these days, I have to take excellent care of my knees. 

Of course, I could have said no, but a part of me really wanted to do it too. This place is Archangel Michael’s Ley line! The Ley line travels from the centre of the roofless beehive hut in the image below at Skellig Michael, Ireland all the way to Israel.

We hadn’t booked it and arrived very early on the pier to see if there was space. There was, but we had to go separately and at different times. I was on my own with this one. 

Known as Via Sancti Michaelis, the Ley line connects seven monasteries and is about two thousand kilometres long. Legend says that the line represents the sword blow inflicted to the Devil by Archangel Michael to chase him off.

The seven monasteries along it are perfectly aligned and include the three best-known medieval monasteries devoted to Saint Michael in Europe: the Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France, the Sacra di San Michele in Piedmont, Italy, and Monte Sant’Angelo in Apulia, Italy. The other four are Skellig Michael in Ireland, Saint Michael’s Mount (Cornwall, England), the Monastery of Saint Michael on Symi Island, Greece, and Mount Carmel in Jerusalem.

Asking for Courage

I asked Archangel Michael to give me the courage to do this, and, knowing my limits, got okay with the fact that to not reach the top is fine. To change my mind, sit on my bum and not move etc, would all be alright. My guidance was to have “tunnel vision” while ascending and descending. That is, to refuse to look at the steep drop, or indeed to any place other than the step I was on and the ones I was about to step onto. Amazingly, this was possible. I refused to engage fear, and it worked. Sometimes, when I’m climbing, I also like to imagine that I have wings that help me. This is fun too and, pardon the pun, ‘uplifting’. 

“Archangel Michael, please give me the courage to do this. Guide me.” 

I was nearing a corner after a steep stretch of steps and a woman on the way down said, ‘you’re almost there.’ It was as though Archangel Michael had put those words into her mouth to give me strength. I was at the top much sooner than I imagined.

The Courage for Anything You Need

I added the writing exercise above because there are things in life we resist because we are afraid. Afraid of failing, looking foolish, people resenting us, not being able, and so on. For anyone who suffers anxiety, courage can be a helpful antidote. A positive opposite to tap on or make an affirmation about.

“I Am Courage.” 

“Archangel Michael, please give me the courage to feel calm and peaceful.” For many years, I was writing books that I never finished. To finish one required a whole new level of courage. Because when a book is finished, you can’t hide behind it being in progress. You’re saying, ‘The work is done. Here is my book. Ta-da!’ This applies to following our dreams and acting on those thoughts of mights/maybe’s and love-to’s.

Ask for Courage:

  • to say yes
  • to say no
  • to stand up for yourself
  • to ask for what you want
  • to follow your wildest dream
  • to act on intuition
  • to have good boundaries
  • to do something you’d love to do that is outside of your comfort zone
  • to finish that project
  • to break through resistance and procrastination 
  • to speak your truth
  • to let go
  • to make amends
  • to put yourself out there
  • to prosper
  • to thrive
  • to shine
  • to… (fill in the blank)

I’m wishing you the courage today for whatever will help. Love Susan. 

Skellig Michael – on the way home
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