Counselling with Susan

I am based in North Kerry and I specialise in helping people with low mood and anxiety. I offer a professional, confidential service. My approach is largely person-centred, integrative counselling with some CBT and DBT and mindfulness influences. I also introduce Energy EFT to clients who are interested since this accelerates the healing process and helps people between sessions.

Low Mood & Anxiety

I help people with low mood and anxiety and have a lot of experience assisting people with these issues at different levels of severity since qualifying as a Mental Health Nurse in 2000. I teach clients to look after their own well-being with practical techniques, and by looking at ways of changing negative thought patterns. The thoughts we think every day are having a big influence on how we feel. In counselling, you get a chance to look at the thoughts, assess how they are affecting you and how a different perspective can make a huge shift in your mood and experience. We also look at skill-building to help manage anxiety, stress and triggers.

Quality & Satisfaction

It is important to me that you get what you came for in counselling, and that you get the best value for money when investing in this service. We look at your goals from the beginning and keep track of those as we go along. My aim is to help clients to support themselves and feel confident in doing so. I do not encourage people to attend any longer than is useful to them, equally, I welcome clients back for a top-up session in the future if they require it to get back on track.

If you have any questions or would like to book, please get in touch.

“I have come from a dark place into the light with Susan’s help and Counselling. Highly recommend all aspects of this lady’s range of abilities. Thank you, Susan.”


“I was very happy I decided to meet with Susan. It has helped me no doubt and would recommend any person doing this. Makes you feel better and you do not feel embarrassed which is a major factor from a male’s point of view. I could talk freely about how I was feeling and what was making me feel unwell. I believe talking is a great way to relieve pressure. I also picked up new techniques to handle things. Excellent value, money well spent.”

“I found counselling a very useful experience. I am very glad I chose you to be my counsellor.”

Practise Location: Ballyduff, Co. Kerry.

Duration of Session: one hour, initial session may be 70 minutes

Client age group: 16+.

Fee, payable at the end of each session: €60

Qualifications: BA Counselling & Psychometric Testing with ICHAS, Limerick. BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing, GoE EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer.

Accreditation: Association of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists, Ireland.

n.b. This service is only available in person, not via Skype.