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Are you ready to step into your amazing life as a writer? 







Are you worn out from the frustration of procrastinating? Have you got a big writing goal that keeps tapping you on the shoulder? 

I am a writer and coach and I help people to get clear about their goals. Together we set out realistic, time-framed steps to achieve them so that you feel accountable. We work through any fear or resistance you have been experiencing using powerful techniques that will help you on many levels. 

I’ve been there too!

I love seeing my clients get excited about who they are and what they are capable of as they write what they’ve always wanted to.

I know how it feels to have a burning desire to write. To find every excuse in the book not to write. To keep moving it down the list and knowing full well this doesn’t feel good. Having a fear of not being perfect or good enough. To be faced with the blank page. I also know what it’s like to come out the other side and to fall in love with life as a writer – that’s who I am. 

Angel EFT was written using the very tools the book was about and I finally overcame my own limiting behaviours that had stopped me from finishing a book since childhood. 

I use my support tools – as a qualified Life Coach, Diana Cooper School of White Light Angel Teacher and Energy EFT Master Practitioner to help you succeed.

Are you ready?

I am ready to help you with your writing. 

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The time to step up is now. 

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