Calling All Angels

Calling All Angels

Calling All Angels

When we call all the angels, without being specific, we get a host of angels that are particular to whatever it is we need help with. Call in your guardian angel, and also call in the angels of…. whatever you want assistance with. There are angels of peace, angels of relationships, angels of bereavement, angels of abundance, angels of pretty-much-anything. This is because certain angels are assigned to certain projects, and the topic we are interested in most likely comes under one of these.

The Archangels are like leaders, and are omnipresent, and so they can be with millions of people at the same time. Similarly, if you call in all the angels you will in fact call all the angels that are attuned to you and the ones you need right now. So if for example you were trying to get a new job there are angels very specific to this that you can call upon and they will come and assist.

The Archangels mentioned in the video below are: Archangel Ariel; Archangel Azrael; Archangel Butyalil; Archangel Chamuel; Archangel Christiel; Archangel Fhelyai; Archangel Gabriel; Archangel Haniel; Archangel Jeremiel; Archangel Jophiel; Archangel Joules; Archangel Mariel; Archangel Metatron; Archangel Michael; Archangel Purlimiek; Archangel Raguel; Archangel Raphael; Archangel Raziel; Archangel Roquiel; Archangel Sandalphon; Archangel Uriel; Archangel Zadkiel and you can find the guide on Archangels in my book if you would like a little more info about which Archangel works with what.

How do I know the angels have answered me/have come to help?

Some people can sense angels through clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience and clairvoyance. More about that here. But for many people it is still hard to perceive angels as they vibrate at a much higher frequency than humans, just like we cannot hear sounds that are out of our sound range. This is especially the case when we are feeling distressed or worried since this brings our vibration down.

However, I would suggest being open to angel signs: white feathers in unexpected places, angel shapes in the clouds, hearing a song about angels come on the radio/TV etc, uplifting ‘coincidences’ that are meaningful to you, reading something about angels that seemed to come out of nowhere, a beautiful fragrance that seems, again, to come out of nowhere, rainbows, surprises, opportunities and doors opening are all but a few ways the angels can link in with us.

The word angel has a high frequency and so when you talk about them, read about them, tap on them (in EFT) etc you are helping to raise your frequency. Having angel images or figurines around your home helps too. The angels will often come to us in great numbers as soon as we start to get interested in them. They want to connect with us, and they want us to know about them and call on them for assistance. When humans work with the angels this raises their frequency which in turn benefits everyone.


Love and Light, Susan


About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goalsShe provides 1:1 sessions in person and via Skype. She is the author of ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ available from the Book Depository free worldwide delivery.

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