Angel Alchemy MOYA 2024 Sunday 5th May 2024

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If you and a group of people are interested in a particular online or in person workshop – public or private – get in touch to find out more. I’ve worked for people on retreats, and for organisations such as the HSE, NEWKD, Transition Kerry and schools.

Some of the workshop themes available include:

  • Lemurian Planetary Healing
  • Angel Workshops beginner/intermediate/advanced
  • Ascended Masters – raising your light levels
  • Angel EFT generally or for specific focus
  • Goals and Manifesting
  • Self-care/healthy living
  • Connect with the angels/dragons/unicorns
  • Transform your life
  • Creative Writing
  • Mindfulness & Creativity
  • Reducing Stress – feeling good
  • Overcoming low self esteem – increasing confidence
  • Making a Small Pond
  • Nature Journaling

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