Archangels Help Release Addictions

What Kind of Addiction?

Addictions can be mild or severe, and socially acceptable (according to perception) and socially unacceptable. Whatever the addiction is the Archangels can help, however, if the addiction is severe in that it impedes your life significantly or negatively impacts others you should seek out appropriate professional treatment.

Alcohol is an example of an addiction that is surrounded by much confusion. People find it hard to know if they are addicted to it if those around them drink a lot too – and society often seems to normalise it.

In recent times we have seen the increase of smartphone addiction, whereby people can’t stop scrolling and compulsively checking their phone. This disturbs your sleep, increases anxiety and isolation as ‘virtual relationships’ are nothing like the real thing. Ask Archangel Raphael to cut the cords between you and your phone so that you can get adequate rest from it and don’t become a slave to it.

To know if you have an addiction, ask yourself if this substance or behaviour holds you back in any way. And if it does, how? Would it be easy to give it up? Have you tried?

Archangels Help Release Addictions

In releasing addictions, I like to call in the following trio of Archangels: Raphael, Zadkiel and Gabriel. Archangel Raphael to heal and help dissolve attachments to this behaviour or pattern with his emerald healing light. Archangel Zadkiel for the violet flame to clear away any fear-based energy the addiction has been lingering in, and Archangel Gabriel for clarity and to purify your energy. Sometimes being addicted is like being in a fog. You can’t see the woods for the trees. You don’t trust yourself, and you keep changing your mind and not sticking to your decisions.

The Cycle of Addiction

It is useful if you are working on overcoming addiction to be in the know as to how addictions work. I love Di Clemente and Prochaska’s Stages of Change Model, which outlines a cycle we go through in behaviour change.

  • Pre-contemplation stage is where we are oblivious to the problem.
  • Contemplation stage: where we know something’s up but aren’t actively trying to do anything about it
  • Preparation stage is where we are making sound concrete plans for change
  • Action stage: where we are acting the change in the early stages.
  • Maintenance stage is where we are keeping up the good work.

They also acknowledge that when someone relapses they don’t necessarily start from square one again. They talk about ‘recycling’ where we enter the cycle again but with newfound knowledge and hopefully better equipped than the last time.

Archangel Gabriel

This loving archangel can help you to get clarity on your addiction, look at why it’s there and how it has been serving you. If it wasn’t serving you in some way you wouldn’t have it. The key is to find another healthier way to serve yourself. Example: if you have been drinking to ‘wind down’ after a busy day, or to ‘switch off’, ask Archangel Gabriel to guide you to healthy alternatives that give you an even better way of doing so – and without all the downsides that drinking has!

Archangel Gabriel can help you to be aware of your triggers and gain insights as to what you need to do to make lasting healthy changes. When you know what your triggers are you will be more equipped to deal with cravings or urges.

This Archangel also helps us by lighting up the symbols in our aura of our life’s purpose and missions. Wouldn’t it be great to be clear on those, and be able to have concise goals and inspiration to move forward? More about this in my blog on finding your life purpose. Ask Archangel Gabriel to purify your energy, which can often feel muddied up when you are in the throes of addictive behaviour.

Archangel  Raphael

The healing Angel Raphael helps us by working to dissolve unhealthy behaviours which are said to be held in the sacral chakra. He uses his emerald healing light to cut the ties and, with your permission, to heal away the causes of the addiction in the first place.

Archangel Raphael also works with the third eye. If you are using a substance that alters your consciousness, such as alcohol or drugs, your third eye will be clogged up. Ask him to clear it for you and see yourself as whole and healthy. Even sugar and caffeine can have a negative effect on the third eye.

Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel works with the violet flame, often along with Ascended Master St Germain, which purifies and clears away that which doesn’t serve. You can ask Archangel Zadkiel to use the violet flame also to clear the ancestral lineage to you and the addiction if you think others in the family, living or dead, also had this addiction.

Simply by saying ‘Archangel Zadkiel, please fill me now with the violet flame. Blaze through me to cleanse away lower frequency energy so that I may feel calm, confident and inspired today.’ Or change the words to suit yourself.

Know Your Triggers

Think about what triggers you to reach out for the addictive substance or behaviour. Is it anger? Loneliness? Emptiness? Frustration? Awareness is power, and you can set up plans to deal with tricky emotions. One example is to make a list of alternative behaviours – ask yourself ‘how can I support myself when I feel…. (name the way you feel that triggers you)? ‘What would I like to do instead?

Visualise Your Future Self

Imagine yourself in the future, having released your addiction. Imagine yourself feeling happy and free. Notice the benefits of freeing yourself up this way. What things are now available to you that weren’t when you were in the addiction. Some of the qualities you might include:

  • Self-belief and trust
  • Peace of mind
  • Confidence
  • Improved sleep

Here is an Angel EFT video to show how the Archangels Help Release Addictions:

30 days is best!!

If you are working with a longstanding addiction repeating Angel EFT video about how the Archangels Help Release Addictions for 30 days is a great way to really tackle it. For some extra help in using Angel EFT, I offer Angel EFT sessions in person and online. If you are deeply affected by addiction though, please seek out a specialised addiction professional.

To learn more about Angel EFT, including how to release addictions and unhealthy patterns and behaviours, see my book ‘Angel EFT’, available free delivery worldwide from the Book Depository

Love and Light, Susan


About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goalsShe provides 1:1 sessions in person and online. She is the author of ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ available from and


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