Archangel Michael, Please Cut My Cords

What Are Cords?

Cords are a toxic exchange between you and somebody or something else. Maybe a physical object, a memory, an association, workplace or suchlike which drains your energy. Cutting the cords doesn’t harm anyone or push anyone away, it simply removes the toxic exchange. Most people can’t see cords, but the angels can. Archangel Michael is known for cutting the cords, we just need to ask.

Maybe you want to let a person go from your past. An ex-partner, or someone who has hurt you, or the other way around. Cutting the cords can help you to let them go.

Signs That You Have Cords

  • Physical aches and pains that don’t seem to have a cause or reason.
  • Repeated thoughts about someone or something that feels heavy and burdensome.
  • Worrying about someone or something all the time.
  • ‘Stuck’ feelings which are uncomfortable.
  • Taking on other people’s problems.
  • Ongoing guilt and shame about mistakes from the past when you have already done your best to make amends.
  • Addictions of any sort.
  • Any kind of obsessions.

Asking Archangel Michael

Under the Spiritual Law of Free Will, you must ask the angels for their help – they can’t just come charging in. Unless in the case of emergency and the higher laws decide you need rescuing. You must ask Archangel Michael to cut your cords. You can ask by simply saying in your mind or out loud ‘Archangel Michael, please cut any cords that are draining my energy now.’ Sometimes in itself, this helps a lot.

If it is your first time cutting cords, or these methods haven’t helped, you can access my free visualisation ‘Cutting Cords with Archangel Michael’ by clicking here.

What Happens When We Cut Our Cords?

When we cut our cords for the first time it’s common to feel a big sense of relief. Many people report a sense of increased energy and wellbeing, also of gaining insight into where cords were showing up, and how to avoid them re-attaching. Cords can re-attach if we go right into those same behaviours again, but usually, they are much less powerful at first.

People who cut their cords as a regular practice get used to doing this and it becomes a form of energy hygiene (see my book, Angel EFT, to learn more about this).

What About Stubborn Cords?

Stubborn cords are the ones that feel hard to cut. These are ones where we have feelings of ambivalence or conflict. Sometimes in life, it feels impossible to cut a cord because we can’t stop obsessing about something or in the case of addictions.

If you wish to quit smoking but a large part of you also does not, your cord will likely start to grow back after cutting it. In the case of wanting to cut a cord with a person whom you still feel very attached to but know is not for your highest good, your thinking about them may get the cord growing back again.

Keeping Those Tricky Ones Cut

One lady described doing the cord cutting and getting a sense of herself ‘sewing them back on again as fast as Archangel Michael was cutting them.’ This is an example of someone feeling ambivalent.

If you have a stubborn cord, acknowledge that you feel conflicted and ask the angels for strength and extra guidance. There might be an important life lesson missing that you need to find to cut this cord permanently. Possibly there exists a person or organisation who the angels will guide you to for help. Have faith. Keep asking.

Notice your conflicting thoughts, talk to someone about it who you trust to listen and not impose their views on you. Do your part by taking actions that you know are for your good.

Ask a Powerful Question

If you are not sure what cords you have, or which one you should focus on first, ask ‘Archangel Michael, which cord is most beneficial for me to cut right now?’ Then close your eyes and be open to receiving the answer. You might be surprised at the insight this gives.

Past Life Cords

What if we have cords connecting us to past lives? Treat these as you would any other. Truly, we can never know about our past life cords but if you suspect you have them, ask Archangel Michael to cut them, in all directions of time. I love this Karma releasing meditation for releasing blockages from past lives by Diana Cooper.

Whilst gaining insight about past lives is useful, I recommend trying to enjoy and stay focused on the present one as much as possible. Cut those cords if you feel you have them, then come back into the now.

What About Other People’s Cords?

If you are a caring person, an empath or Lightworker, you are probably sensitive to other people’s cords as well as your own. Other people’s cords are their own business, but you can always talk to the person about cords. By doing so you give them the opportunity to work on cutting their own cords. In the case of you worrying about their cords, you need to cut that cord! Then you will be more helpful to them. Think of being a good role model, rather than trying to mop up other people’s messes.

Another way to help someone else who has cords, if you feel telling them about it would not be accepted is to ask Archangel Michael to step in and help if this is for their highest good. Archangel Michael can see things that we humans can’t. As always, when asking the angels to help someone else, ask and then let it go.

Angel EFT for Cutting Cords.

Below is a video that shows one way of using Angel EFT to cut cords. Make up your own rounds too, using your own words.

Need some extra help? Get in touch to book an Angel EFT session with me.

The Angels Don’t Judge

Archangel Michael and all of the angels love to help us. And no matter how many mistakes we might make, they don’t judge. You are always worthy of their help. Just ask!

Did you find this blog useful? Or would you would like to share your experience of cutting cords with Archangel Michael? Please feel free to comment below.

Love and Light, Susan


About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals. She provides 1:1 sessions in person and via the internet. She is the author of ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ available from the Book Depository free worldwide delivery.


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