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Archangel Gabriel helps Writers

As someone who loves angels and writing, I call on the angels to help me. Archangel Gabriel helps us with our communication and with writing and artistic projects. This mighty Archangel oversees the sacral and base chakras, and the earth star chakra and the navel chakra. He helps you to get clear, to move forward in your writing. Work with him in meditation, ask him to step into your dream time and help you download ideas and direction. Ask to purify things that get in the way of writing.  

Writers Block

For writers, in my own experience and from my knowledge of other writers, sometimes self-doubt can creep in and cause disruption, often known as writer’s block. Writers block is an energy block and it can comprise of any or all of the following issues:

  • Fear of expressing oneself in case people don’t approve or are critical or judgemental – not feeling good enough.
  • Memories, consciously or otherwise, of not being supported in writing by important adults growing up including teachers.
  • Fear of being successful and what changes it may bring.
  • Reluctance to move into one’s full potential because of old sabotaging behaviours – punishing the self.
  • Worry that if the writing is successful, some sort of failure may come afterwards if the author is unable to maintain the high standard, for example.
  • Feeling stressed generally.

Write down what holds you back in your writing, leave a space beneath each one. Now ask Archangel Gabriel to guide you in overcoming each of these. Close your eyes and connect in, then write down what solutions come through. 

What type of Writing will the angels help me with?

Archangel Gabriel and any of the angels will help you with any type of writing. If you are writing your dissertation, your memoir, a private journal for your eyes only, a poem, it doesn’t matter. Tune in and ask for support and guidance.

When you feel you need to relax more when writing, ask for peace and relaxation while you write. If you need ideas, ask for them. If you need some help with your research, ask for that. I recently made a trip to India, a trip I thought would be impossible to arrange, to help me with my current work in progress. Of course, I asked the angels. I said ‘if it’s for the highest good, please help me to make this trip.’ 

Writers and Abundance

Do you worry that if you follow your dream to write it will make you poor? This is what I call the ‘poor artist syndrome.’ If you feel like this is an issue for you, focus on abundance. Even if your writing doesn’t bring you money in the beginning, or at all, focus on the abundance of the freedom to follow your passion. Read my blog on the angels of abundance

Clarity for Writers

Archangel Gabriel helps purify our thoughts and gives us clarity. If you ask him he will bring light into the brain. Ask him to wash away any ideas of being inferior, or any old limiting beliefs, and he will support you in moving forward. 

If you ask the question ‘what do I need to do to move forward with my writing,’ expect an answer. You already know, deep down, but Archangel Gabriel will support you in reaching that knowing. Is it making the discipline to write? Even the busiest of people have some time they could put aside for writing. Even if it means getting up a little earlier, or letting go of something else, or saying no to something you have always agreed to do. If you have a calling to write, you will feel frustrated by not writing. If you are writing and you feel frustrated, you need to bring in more light and a sense of lightness. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Have fun. The angels can access us better when we are having fun and are relaxed as we are closer to their frequency. 

Angel EFT for Writers

Doing a round of Angel EFT tapping where you address Archangel Gabriel with your concerns/hopes can help you greatly. Even just to tap on ‘Archangel Gabriel’ can help you to progress. I like doing the futuristic or manifestation tapping, as in ‘thank you, Archangel Gabriel, for helping me to finish this article and feeling really happy with it.’ Learn more about Angel EFT and how to use it for everyday situations in the book. Here is a video you can follow along to…

Visualise Success

For a moment, visualise your writing project completed in its entirety. If you are working on a book that you would like to publish, see it there on the shelf in the bookshop, looking radiant and appealing. See people buying copies of it, talking about it. See them beaming as they hold your book, and are excited and grateful to read it.

Visualise Archangel Gabriel blessing your book, and helping it to reach more people. He will do this if it for the highest good of all concerned. Your book need not be about angels, spirituality or self-help topics for the angels to help. Following your guidance about what to write about is part of your soul journey. 

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Writing is Service Work

Have you ever read a fiction novel and felt uplifted and inspired after it? I know I have. If you are unsure about this ask Archangel Gabriel for guidance and inspiration. Ask ‘how may I serve in my writing?’ and the angels will work with you and through you. 

Perhaps you write for a cause, or to raise awareness about something you feel passionate about. Maybe stories light you up and excite you. Whenever you feel the magic when you write, the reader also feels it. It is an energy and it is very special. 

The angels love working with writers and there is every reason for you to ask for their help in energising your work. This helps to get it finished and be guided to the right people for the next steps if you plan to publish or share your work. 

Love and Light, Susan


About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals. She provides 1:1 Angel EFT sessions and coaching for writers face to face and via the internet. She is the author of ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ available from the Book Depository free worldwide delivery.



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