They do not belong to any religion although they feature in many, in some form and sometimes by another name. For example in Buddhism angels are referred to as both devas, or celestial beings and dharmapalas, or dharma protectors. In Hinduism spirit beings who act in a similar capacity to angels but are not called such, are the Hindu equivalent. Angels in Islam, or Malaikah, act as messengers and intermediaries from Allah to the world. In Judaism, the Malachim are messengers of God who help carry out Gods work and Gods plan. In Mormonism angels are ministering spirits and resurrected personages. Christianity recognises angels and archangels and a whole hierarchy of angels.

Calling on angels for help doesn’t take anything away from anyone else. Angels are always happy to help, and the more you ask, the stronger your connection will become. The angels are here to help anyone who asks them. That’s the important bit you need to remember, to ask. Under the law of free will the angels won’t step in and help unless a person asks, unless you are in a life threatening situation and it’s not your time to die yet, or to be seriously injured. They can step in then. You can ask the angels for someone else, I always feel that this helps even if the person in question would never acknowledge or have an interest in angels. However the issue of free will still remains. If you are asking for angels to help someone who is being self-destructive, for example, they have every right to keep on being self-destructive and there is very little you or I or the angels can do about it other than just to keep holding them in the light.

Everyone has a guardian angel whether or not they ever recognise them. A guardian angel is by your side always, like a non-judgemental mentor observing and supporting. Our angels whisper to us our highest possible path, and are happy to guide us with practical everyday things.

Your angel doesn’t judge, and wants you to be happy. If you ask for things that are not for your highest good or that are somehow to the detriment of another person, they will step back, and guide you in another direction if you are so willing.

Depiction of an Angel

Angels are often depicted in artwork as having wings, or a halo. Some people see wings on angels. Other times they are seen as just having a huge light radiating around them. Angels do not have free will as they are messengers of God or Source. Even though some angels are associated with being male or female, such as Archangel Michael, they are simply associations as angels do not have a sex or gender. In this website I will sometimes use ‘he’ or ‘she’ when referring to an angel or archangel, but it is simply the predominant energy I am referring to. It also sounds a lot better than referring to an angel as ‘it.’

Most people cannot hear or see angels because they vibrate at such high frequency which is outside of most humans range at this time. You can however learn to see, hear or sense angels. It is easier to connect with angels when your frequency is high. Our frequency is high when we are in a state of joy, open-heartedness, positivity and suchlike. Spiritually evolved people can often naturally achieve a high vibration a lot of the time. Our vibration is ever changing and it can be affected by things going on around us. The more consistent we get in keeping a high vibrational state the easier it is to be there. Old hurts and triggers, family patterns, spending time with negative people or organisations, and stressful life events can pull us back again. The angels are always there for us no matter what our vibration is however the higher our vibration the easier we are to work with. Like attracts like. If you are in a bad mood and feeling pessimistic and resentful it will be harder to sense your angels. When you feel like you’re stuck in the muck you are more likely to be negative with those around you and your frequency naturally lowers. You might even contribute to lowering other people’s frequency too, especially those close to you or affected by you. Of course there will be days that are challenging, no matter how many angels we implore. Challenges are sometimes needed for our growth. But the higher our frequency the better we cope with these trials. By anchoring our faith that everything is unfolding just as it is meant to, and focusing on gratitude, things work out easier for us and we are better able to get back on track.

You can ask the angels to help by simply addressing them out loud or in your mind. Many people have come across the parking angels and are pleasantly surprised to find a parking space whenever they call on these angels. It might sound frivolous, but you really can ask the angels for pretty much anything. They like to help because when things go right for you, you naturally raise your frequency and that is beneficial for everyone. The more people on the planet operating at a high frequency the better for each and every one. There are many different ways of sensing your angels’ presence. These are only some, and your angel will pick the ones that you would be most alert to:

  • Angel signs, like seeing an unexpected white feather after asking the angels for help. Hearing songs about angels, or beautiful music unexpectedly, and angel shapes in the clouds, or seeing certain numbers repeatedly.
  • Clairaudience, hearing the voice of your angel. Unlike in psychosis, where the voices are often frightening and of a lower frequency, hearing the voices of angels is always uplifting. Some people hear voices like a thought inside their head; some hear it like an actual voice.
  • Clairvoyance: seeing angels, either as an image in your head like a picture on a screen or actually seeing them with your physical eyes just as you see objects normally. Angels appear differently according to the person and what makes sense to them. Sometimes they appear as light, some have wings and some look a lot like people but with light around them.
  • Clairsentience: having a feeling that your angel is there, some people feel great hands of light on their back or shoulders. Or it could just be a sense that your angel is near.
  • Claircognizance: clear knowing, you’re not sure how you know an angel is there or is guiding you with something, but you just do, like a gut feeling.
  • A beautiful scent or aroma, such as incense or flowers, without any apparent physical origin, particularly when you have been talking about, reading about or thinking about the angels.

When you work with angels, doors of opportunity open, healing occurs that you never thought possible, and great things happen.