Angels and World Peace

Angels and World Peace



The Angels and World Peace: When you think of world peace, what exactly comes to mind? And how do you feel about it? When human consciousness rises significantly enough it will have the power to create peace on earth. If we all think ‘that’s impossible,’ or ‘there are too many bad people’ it makes an energy block and keeps things stuck. So try at all times to hold a vision of world peace in order to support the mass consciousness in raising.

The angels can help us with this. When enough of us hold this vision it makes it much easier to come about. If you see war on the news, send angels of peace and remember your vision. If you hear people talking about terror attacks, send angels of comfort and return to your vision. Stay firm. Remember your vision is very important service work. Joining in with fear just strengthens lower energies within human consciousness.

To help countries, cities, regions on our planet, send love. When you ask the angels to help someone or lots of people trust that you have done good. Even if it only took as long as you saying out loud or in your mind ‘angels please go to them.’

For Angel EFT, when you think of world peace right now, where is this on the SUE scale for you? If it feels unlikely it is in the minuses. Do the world a favour and get yourself into the pluses. You can do this by calling in the angels of world peace, or any angels or Archangels, Ascended Masters or healing energies that you wish and tapping for world peace.


In this video I demonstrate just how easy it is to tap for world peace. Imagine if thousands of people did this. Tapping for someone or something else is known as proxy or surrogate tapping.

Angel Prayer for World Peace (why not tap while you read the prayer?)

Dear Angels,

Please assist me in raising my consciousness so that all my thoughts are in alignment with peace on earth. I choose to offer myself in service by holding the divine vision of world peace, and to help others in doing so.

Please keep me strong if hear or see stories and images of fear-based actions. Help me to raise above thoughts of judgement and to come into alignment with oneness. I truly know that we are all one. All my sisters and brothers are on their path, and I respect and send love to all, no matter what their current level of consciousness is. I choose to serve by demonstrating love and compassion.

Guide me to speak of love, and to rise above thoughts and words of fear. Bless my human self and steer me to my highest path, so I may act with love and always support the emergence of world peace. I love and forgive myself for every time I have allowed myself to move into fear, and send love to myself in all directions of time, with the unfaltering vision of peace on earth.

It is Done.

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About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals through Angel EFT . She is a Guild of Energists Energy EFT Trainer, and she internationally provides 1:1 Angel EFT via Skype.  Get in touch for more info. 

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