The Angels Help Us to Have a Positive Outlook

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Research shows that having a positive outlook can help us to flourish in all areas of our life. When we are feeling positive, we see solutions rather than obstacles, possibilities rather than hopelessness. So how can the angels help us with this?

The angels want us all to fulfil our lives blueprint, to reach our full potential whilst here on this earth. They really would love us to have a more positive outlook on life, as this helps move us towards it. When I first started to get interested in angels as an adult, I naturally became more positive than I ever was before. But how? What was I doing?

I would ask the angels for guidance. I read books about angels, especially ones that taught me how to work with the angels myself – since anyone can. I meditated. I used angel cards. I learned about the chakras, and how the angels related to them. And later on, I formulated Angel EFT which for me was the cherry on the cake. Combining Energy Meridian Therapy with angel work was the ultimate go-to. Below I have created a video for you to help you to use Angel EFT for a more positive outlook.

Another very simple technique that has helped immeasurably in making me feel more positive is thinking of things I am grateful for. Writing them down is even more powerful than saying them. In some of my previous angel workshops, I gave out a small notebook to each participant, called an Angel Gratitude book. They could decorate it if they wished. Most importantly was to write down ten things every day that you feel grateful for.

What if you feel really down? If you feel very down, then it’s important that you get help. Feeling very negative a lot of the time might mean that you are depressed and need to see a doctor. You can still, however, work with gratitude and other positivity techniques if you are depressed. In fact, it is likely to hugely help your recovery.

What if you are around negative people all the time? This is a challenge for you and you may play a very important role in raising the vibration of the environment you live or work in. Some people are determined it seems to be negative in their outlook and you are responsible for yours and not theirs. Ask the angels to bring their light into that environment and to those people involved. They cannot change people as this breaks the law of free will, but they can bring in more light and this gives potential to other benefits.

Archangel Jophiel and the Crown Chakra Quick Visualisation:

Sit comfortably or stand with your feet hip distance apart. Feel your feet on the floor, connecting in with Earth’s energy below. Send gratitude down through the soles of your feet for Mother Earth.

Bring your awareness to your breath. Imagine that on the inbreath you are breathing in a golden light. On the outbreath, you also breathe out golden light, which fills up the spaces around you. Making you feel light and comfortable. Easy in your body.

Ask Archangel Michael to seal your aura, the energy field around your body, with his strong and safe blue light.

Now ask Archangel Jophiel to place a beautiful etheric crown of positivity on the top of your head. See this crown made up of the most beautiful crystals. The crystals shine and sparkle. They connect in with your thoughts, bringing them light. You feel your mind being filled with golden and crystal light now. Your thoughts are feeling more and more positive and you feel at ease in your body.

Wriggle your fingers and toes and bring yourself back into the room, remembering your layer of blue from Archangel Michael and the connection with Mother Earth.

Author: Susan Browne


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