Angels Help Animals

Angels Help Animals



Angels Help Animals: I know that many people who love angels are also animal lovers. And often we might ask ourselves, what can I do to help animals more? Sometimes we see others treating animals in a cruel way and wonder how we can help. There are charities and various movements that support animals where amazing work is being done. You can also invite the angels to help.

The Archangels associated with helping animals are Archangel Fhelyai and Archangel Ariel, although there are also others. In fact, any archangel you call on will help with animals if that is what you have asked. If all human consciousness raised, then humans would treat animals with love. And as upsetting and enraging as it might be when we see examples of animals being treated unkindly, our getting angry and upset doesn’t help the animals.

Guided, intelligent action helps of course, and there are many organisations that help animals. From an energy point of view, we can help animals by sending love and keeping our focus on the vision of higher consciousness where animals are treated with love and respect.

We can also ask for help for a specific animal, and to help them cross over at their time of death. An example of a prayer to the angels to help animals is this one:

Dear Beloved Archangel Fhelyai and Archangel Ariel,

Please help all animals now (or you can ask for a specific animal).

Please help to replace fears that I may have around animals with love now, so that I may be in the alignment of love whenever I think of and speak of animals. Assist me in sending positive energy and thoughts so that I contribute to the energy of love around animals.

Please help humankind to raise their frequency so that it is no longer acceptable anywhere to mistreat animals. So that people everywhere work in harmony with animals and with nature for the highest good of all.

Please help all those who have not treated animals with care to learn to love, respect and appreciate them. Fill their hearts with love and kindness.

For all the animals currently suffering please send love and comfort, and assistance.

I release any pain or worry to my angels now for transmutation so that my heart is filled with love, and I can send my positive energy and my highest vision for animals whenever I think of them.

Thank you angels.

It is done.

In EFT we can proxy tap for animals. In the video I demonstrate an Angel EFT round to help animals with Archangel Fhelyai.

I often tell the story of being asked to look after a sheep that was supposedly in labour, me not knowing anything about sheep. I sat a comfortable distance away from her and simply tapped a round on the words ‘Archangel Fhelyai.’ It helped me to feel a bit more useful, since I wasn’t really supposed to do anything but watch over her. It turned out she wasn’t in labour but had milk fever. The vet treated her and she went on to have two healthy baby lambs. Thank you Archangel Fhelyai and Angel EFT!!

Love and Light, Susan


About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goalsShe provides 1:1 sessions in person and via Skype. She is the author of ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ available from the Book Depository free worldwide delivery.

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