Angels Heal Ancestral Patterns

Ancestral Patterns

Some of our challenges are passed down. The struggles we face, both internal and external were also experienced by our ancestors. Why is that? Are issues in our genes also? As I write in my book, Angel EFT, you can use angel visualisations and tapping to help disengage yourself from these.

The sort of things that get passed on are only limited by our imagination. Some of it, of course, is genetic. But when we think bigger, of (ener) getic we allow new possibility to flow.

What struggles that you face might also have been faced by your ancestors? It’s not always parents, but aunts, uncles, grandparents. And for those people who are adopted, they have the lineage of both their birth parents and their adoptive parents to consider.

Family Constellations

If you have ever attended a Family Constellation workshop, you will know what I’m talking about. The ones I have attended have left me reeling at the power of this magnetism, which is best experienced first-hand. German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger teaches us that the energy of tragedies and struggles that weren’t resolved get handed down the generational lineage. Addictions, illnesses, relationship trouble, weight problems, financial difficulty and so on can all be passed on to the new generation where they are left unresolved. Family constellations are now practised in over thirty-five countries and are an effective therapeutic process that helps to break destructive family patterns.

Get in touch with your purpose

Let go of old stories. Feel into who you truly are. This is but one lifetime and you have lived many. You are a multidimensional being. Come into your truth.

Ask yourself ‘what am I doing here?’ We forget sometimes. You do not belong to your earth family, nor do they belong to you. This is a tiny facet of who you are. It is an earth held belief of human consciousness. You chose these souls to incarnate with this time around. What lessons are they bringing you? What are you still learning? How can you support yourself in these lessons?

Be ready to let go right away

Choose a pattern that you would like to release from yourself today. Believe that this is possible, even if it is something you feel you have been entrenched in for years and even lifetimes. What would your life be like without this hindrance? How could you shine further? If you can imagine it, then it is a reality that you can create. Bring the image of it, like a hologram, into your heart. Embody it. Embrace the ways in which you are different now that you carry the new way of being. Now you are not weighed down any more.

Angel EFT sessions

Release the weight for everyone when you disengage

Send love to all of the family members who also experienced this. You do not need to be loyal to a family problem because those you love or fear have this pain. Think of yourself, light being, as a mentor. Boldly shining the way. If you can overcome the hindrance, then others can also and they will see this. Think of that hindrance in the family as being more of a heavy weight, the more people are participating in it. So, if you can let go, you lighten the weight for the whole family. Disengage, to do everyone a favour, living or dead.

Believe in the wisdom and power of others

Believe in the power of others to change also. Even those that went before you. For wherever they are just now, they are still learning.

Angel prayer to help heal patterns

The angels can help us to clear the way, where family patterns are holding us back, as always, we first need to ask.

Dear Angels,

I ask that you lovingly bring my awareness now to any patterns I am in that have been handed down from my ancestors, so that I may release them. I choose to take the wisdom from this situation for the highest good and move towards my highest potential. I send love to all of my ancestors who have played any part in this disruption and disconnect with gratitude for the learning now. I send love and gratitude to my earth family in this lifetime in all directions of time, flooding our DNA with light and allowing the hearts of all to expand. 

Thank you. It is Done. 

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