Angels for a Healthy Lifestyle

Saturday 27th of October, 2018 at Ballybunion’s MOYA Festival

Join Susan at this 90-minute workshop to connect with the angels and focus on living a healthy life.

The angels can help and guide us in making healthier life choices – most of us know what we need to do, but lack the willpower to do it.

In this powerful and uplifting workshop learn how to de-stress, meditate with the angels and enlist their help in making healthier choices and gently letting go of unhealthy patterns.

Together with the angels we will complete a powerful releasing ceremony, to sever energetic cords attaching you to any unhealthy foods, thoughts or behaviours.


The angels can’t interfere with free will – that is, we are responsible for the choices we make in life, we can ask them though to help us to:

  • eat healthier, lighter food
  • guide us towards foods that uplift and suit us
  • help to motivate us to exercise regularly
  • de-stress so that we are less likely to comfort eat 


BOOK NOW – call Sarah on 087-7837448

Admission price – €15

Testimonials for Susan’s Angel Workshops:

“What an exciting night learning to get in touch with the many angels that surround me! Thank you Susan Browne.” Karen Pavic, Los Angeles.

“I attended a day ‘Angel EFT’ workshop facilitated by Susan in Jan 2012 and would like to recommend Susan as a highly competent workshop facilitator… I felt the presence of angels all through this workshop and appreciated Susan’s awareness and acknowledgment of their help and support for each and every one of us. I found the combination of EFT and angel work an incredibly powerful way to embody the energy of transformation. Susan is a very safe, professional and heart-centered person who initiates opportunities which I enjoyed thoroughly; Creative, fun and extremely profound ways of helping people to open themselves to become the best they can possibly be. Thank you very much, Susan, can’t wait for my next w/s with you” Carol Yates, Hinckley, UK, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Counsellor, Integrative Yoga Therapist

“I’ve loved this workshop; having practiced EFT for some time and dipped into Angel Therapy. This was amazing to learn how to combine the two very powerful tools and learn the variations of how to integrate EFT and Angel Therapy.. my visualisations were very vivid! I loved asking the angels to supercharge my energy hands – it was powerful! The workshop was perfect – thank you, Susan!” Elaine, Co. Cork.

Bookshops in Kerry selling Susan’s book ‘Angel EFT’ include:
  • Woulfe’s, Listowel
  • Polymaths, Tralee
  • First Chapter, Tralee (Manor West)
  • Horans Healthfoods, Manor West, Tralee
  • JJ’s Nu Era, Killarney
  • Crystal Cave and Bookshop, Killorglin
Also available on Amazon and The Book Depository. Some copies will be available for sale on the day.