Angels and World Environment Day

Over the past year, I’ve been reflecting on my role as someone who wants to help the environment. I’ve learned a lot about living more sustainably and how this is a gradual process that we can do step by step. I have a long way to go and many changes I’m working towards – and getting my head around. But it struck me just how much information and support is available to us. And since I work with angels, I thought I’d explore how the angels can help us too. I’m writing this on World Environment Day, 2020 and it just happens to be the full moon also. What timing! Time to release that which doesn’t serve.

I Release my Fears about the Environment and Choose Instead to Add More Light

Being fearful about the state of the world today – in and of itself – is not helpful. Burying our heads in the sand and pretending the climate crisis isn’t happening is less so. So today, I want to focus on raising our consciousness as lightworkers to help the planet. This involves a combination of positive energy and practical changes we can make in our day to day life. Such as using a reusable coffee cup; buying clothes second hand or new from responsible outlets (rather than ‘fast fashion’); reducing our single-use plastic consumption; buying goods from ethical shops and businesses and so on.

Some of our fears about the environment relate to a scarcity consciousness.

But what if I can’t afford an electric car?

What if I don’t have the money to buy M&S clothes?

Getting solar panels would be too expensive. 

I might open a can of worms by looking into my carbon footprint, and so on.

Perhaps instead it’s possible to get excited about making small, do-able changes and opening ourselves up to things we didn’t realise were there for us. And combine this with abundance consciousness.

Abundance Consciousness and the Environment

I have learned a lot about abundance consciousness on my spiritual and personal development journey. And many of the teachings seem to talk about being wildly wealthy, going off on long-haul plane journeys first-class, owning a yacht, living in an enormous house and so on. But these days, abundance is more for me about being free to live the life of my dreams and care for the environment. Offsetting the many flights I have taken over the years and thinking carefully before booking myself on more. Check this out – I did this today in honour of World Environment Day.

I have also discovered, living more sustainably is sometimes cheaper than my pre-sustainability mindset life. I used to feel pressured to replace clothes because ‘I’ve been seen wearing that too many times,’ whereas now I’m proud to make my clothes last, to mend them and to buy second hand.

Angel EFT for the Environment

Angels and World Environment Day Prayer:

Archangel Sandalphon, please light up my Earth Star chakra so that I am deeply connected to Earth and my full potential. 

Archangel Gabriel, help me to know that I am a beloved child of Mother Earth and I Am grounded and provided for. 

Archangel Uriel, please help me to stand confident in my beliefs and be a peaceful warrior of light in the world. 

Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Jophiel, please help me to clear any feelings of guilt from my heart and mind so that I can enjoy being a positive influence in my community and open myself up to the many ways to help the planet.

Archangel Michael, please help me to express myself clearly and lovingly in a way that supports Mother Earth and helps encourage others to do the same. 

Archangel Raphael, please help me to clear my third eye of fear around the environment so that I can step into abundance and see the world as thriving and healthy. 

Archangel Metatron, please help me to connect with my cosmic wisdom and receive the light of the universe as I too shine my light out far and wide. 



We’re All In This Together

From the world’s richest businesspeople and heads of corporations to the modest and poor, we’re all in this together. Planet Earth is our home. We are all connected and ONE. Judging others doesn’t help things to move forward. By asking the angels to help, we create a bridge of light that opens possibilities. Much more effective than getting angry and fearful. Don’t send hate, send angels to raise their consciousness.

The most powerful action is to lead by example. Do your best. What is one thing you can do today to care for the planet better?

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

There are so many ways we can make small changes to support the planet. Here are a few suggestions, but I would love to hear yours also. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog if you would like to share.

  • Change to a green energy provider. Let your old provider know why you changed.
  • Bring your water bottle with you and don’t buy single-use plastic bottles.
  • Buy second-hand clothes.
  • Write to/email/tweet a company you deal with asking for changes you’d like to see.
  • Change your search engine to Ecosia.
  • Delete old emails and spam. Here’s why.
  • Use a bar of soap rather than plastic bottles.
  • Try to buy local food and grow your own – even if it’s on a windowsill!
  • Start up the conversation with others; share posts and articles online that raise awareness on how to make positive changes.
  • Plant a tree 🙂
  • Make a meal plan for the week (helps reduce food waste).
  • Make a sign for your letterbox: No Junk Mail, Thank You. 

Planetary Healing

You can always send prayer and light to Mother Earth to help heal the climate in any way you want. All good intentions add good energy and assistance. The most powerful earth healing I have encountered is Lemurian Planetary Healing. I learned this with Diana Cooper in 2010 and still practise it now.

Join Communities to Learn More

I have learned so much from the amazing Jen Gale – Sustainable(ish) who has a very down-to-earth non-judgy approach to making happy changes. Her book is also fantastic. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Many others before us have uncovered answers and are happy to share their knowledge.

Love and light,


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