An Example Scale

In this scale, you will see that at the lowest and the highest points of the scale our energy expands outwards. This is because we are all connected and whether we feel extremely good and in a high vibration or very bad in a low vibration we affect those around us. The more intense either way, the more other people will also feel it.

Ever been in a room with someone who was extremely, sad, angry or so on? Or a person with a very high vibration? You may have experienced sensing their energy very strongly as it was expanded out and difficult for you not to feel. This is why the scale expands at either end and narrows in the middle when we are in more neutral states.

The scale is used for measuring how you are doing at any given moment and around any specific situation or in your life in general. Sometimes we have mixed readings depending on what we are faced with, talking about or thinking about. For example, you may have a very high vibrational state generally but certain things may trigger you and lower your vibration. You may have a lower or higher vibration when you think of your diet/relationship/world politics/your finances/career/house and so on.

The higher your vibrational frequency (the bigger the number on the scale) the more joyous you feel. Also, you have a positive effect on others. So doing things to raise your vibration is a win-win.

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