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  • An easy reference to help you tap Energy EFT with the angels to raise your energy quickly?
  • To learn ways to connect with the angels that anyone can do?
  • To know about the different Archangels and how they help us?
  • To work with the 7 major chakras and 12 fifth dimensional ascension chakras for higher dimensional living?
  • To know about energy hygiene and how to mind your energy around difficult people, situations and places?
  • To break free from unhealthy patterns, self-sabotage and low mood with angelic support?
  • To heal ancestral patterns and aspects that may hold you back from past lives?
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“As I read Angel EFT it became very clear that tapping can be used to ameliorate any situation from personal problems to emotional and physical healing to spiritual advancement. I loved this inspirational book that blends two well-loved themes together, and I highly recommend Angel EFT to help people and animals in every way possible. Yes, it really works.”

 Diana Cooper, International Spiritual Author and Speaker

“I have just finished reading Susan’s book and it is amazing… fascinating and inspirational… I would highly recommend getting a copy as you will keep referring to it as there is so much wisdom and insight on different topics. All Angel lovers will absolutely adore Susan’s book. Angel EFT will appeal to those who work with energy also. For people interested in Angels they will love it as it is very comprehensive and easy to follow. A beautiful book written by a beautiful lady.”

Ann Byrne, customer

Dragon Rising Publishing, 2016

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