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Timea Floriska, Facebook Recommendation

“It was a joyful, wonderful experience working with Susan! She has a pure, powerful loving energy and in this energy you can safely heal and let yourself be guided. Our session was lovely and spiritually uplifting, but grounded and very effective as well. I highly recommend practising Angel EFT, it has helped me tremendously with emotional issues and with connecting with the angels.”

Would you like extra help on working through something, clear your energy and bring in even more help from the angels?

I help people to enhance their connection with the angelic realm, clear energy blocks and move positively forward with Angel EFT.

Q: What sort of things can Angel EFT help with?

People come for Angel EFT sessions with a whole range of issues they want to either heal from or manifest in their lives. The one thing they all have in common is a desire to connect with the angels and to get more support in this way. The angels love to help us on our life’s path, whether we are struggling with something or if we are feeling good but want to achieve a particular goal that we keep coming back to.

If you have read my book and/or been following the blog, you will know how Angel EFT works and what it helps with. Having a 1:1 session means you have the personalised experience of working with me. Together we look at what your goals are or what it is you want to heal.

How many sessions would I need?

Sometimes just one session is enough to get you on track with what you want to achieve, other times, a series of sessions is a good idea. Everyone is different, and so our vibration changes often so it’s impossible to know. There is never an obligation to book more than one session. If you are not sure, it’s fine to try one session and then decide.

Need help with something in your life that has been holding you back? Do you feel as though you have been going around in circles? Lightworker, it’s okay to reach out for help sometimes!! Many lightworkers try to figure things out themselves and try to do everything without help. And often they are very good at it. But what happens sometimes is they forget to reach out when they really could use some help. They are so busy watching out for other people they end up neglecting themselves. Does this sound like you?

Taking Excellent Care of Yourself Helps Those Around You

When you take good care of you, it also helps those that you love and care for. You are more available and able to support when you have taken the time to work through your own issues. It also shows others that taking care of yourself is a good thing. Taking good care of yourself means taking time out when you need to, saying no when you need to, eating and drinking healthily, taking regular exercise, making space for meditation and self-care, and reaching out for help when you need it.

Not Sure if an Angel EFT Session is for You?

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Tiina Raudaskoski, Google Review

“Thank you so much Susan! The session really exceeded all of my expectations, I highly recommend booking a session on Angel EFT with Susan.”

Ciara Kennedy, Facebook Review

“Thank you for sharing such beautiful guidance Susan, it truly does inspire living a lighter life! You are gifted at EFT, the effects the process has are immediate, pretty amazing stuff!”

Iily May, Facebook Review

“Susan you are an amazing professional and I love the way you bring in the angels to help with the session. It really helped me. I feel more focused and light after my session with you. I recommend Susan and her lovely presence to everyone. I am working with her weekly and find my life turning around. Onward and upwards. Thank You Susan.”

Diana Cooper, International Bestselling Spiritual Author

“Susan Browne is a dedicated, giving and powerful person. I highly recommend her work.”