Angel EFT for Prosperity

Goddess House, Glastonbury, Sunday 9th of April, 2017
Susan Browne – Facilitator

10am – 5pm Goddess House, Glastonbury GET TICKETS

  • Tired of Worrying About Money All the Time?
  • Do You Feel Blocked by Family Patterns to do with Money?
  • Would You Love to Enjoy Being Consistently in the Vibration of Abundance?

Enjoy enlightening exercises with the angelic realm and Energy EFT to free your natural birthright of abundance. Many people have limiting beliefs about money and these block their abundance. Our thoughts and words give off a frequency and if they are focused on lack then this is what shows up for us. Combining EFT and angel work is a superbly powerful approach to overcoming limiting beliefs and patterns.  We will focus on:

  • Looking at common limiting beliefs around money that hold people back (and thus helping you to become aware of yours) and how to release these safely with Angel EFT.
  • Which angels and Archangels to call upon to support you in your prosperity journey.
  • Using visualisations with the angels to help connect you to your abundant self.
  • Manifestation work with the angels.
  • Releasing ancestral and past life cords which have affected your prosperity.
  • How to instill the powerful energy of gratitude in your being which in turn attracts that which you love.

What Previous Experience is Necessary?

To attend this workshop, you just need a love or at least an interest of the angels and of energy work.

What is Angel EFT?

What Do I Need to bring?

You don’t have to bring anything. Refreshments are provided morning and evening, lunch can be purchased locally in Glastonbury town.