The Angel EFT contact points have evolved over time. In the beginning, the tapping points used in Classical EFT were used. Then Modern Energy EFT. It is still fine to combine Angel EFT techniques with both Classical and Modern Energy EFT tapping, it works great! These are the newest points, which were created specifically for Angel EFT by Susan Browne.

Go around the points slowly and mindfully. Use both hands. Hold the points rather than tap. Spend enough time at the setup point (palms awake) to connect in with the angels. Some people like to set up with an angel prayer.

You can use Angel EFT to ask for help with specific problems too. Use the set up point to address the angels. If you don’t know which Archangel to ask, just ask the angels in general.

At the end of your Angel EFT work, ensure you feel grounded, by taking your awareness to the soles of your feet. You may want to wriggle the fingers and toes.

Angel EFT combines very well with meditation as part of your spiritual practise. Why not ask the angels simply to guide you in your day today, and help you to raise your frequency and open your heart to life, to yourself and to others.